School Spirit? in To not be here

  • Oct. 1, 2021, 12:20 p.m.
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Today started off kind of bad. I missed you again, You left me on open last night and haven’t messaged me since. You viewed my stories though. I was feeling really down so I decided to try and hide it as best as I could and be more outgoing. I made a few new friends today. I told them about how I was feeling and I even explained to them about how I would soon get a semi-colon tattoo. They looked it up and found the meaning and helped me as much as they could. I told them about our story, and why it mattered to me so much. I then showed them my crystal collection, my oils, my bucket list, and all the letters I wrote before I ended everything ,y life gave me. I’m sometimes glad I didn’t do it. I know it’s weird for me to show people that certain stuff when I barely just met them but I needed someone to listen, at least One person to hear me out on everything I had to say and everything I was feeling. We joked about it mostly but at least it felt like they understood. They noticed I was quiet and for once I felt like nothing heavy was on my shoulders anymore. They listened? T h e y listened.

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