What Now? in To not be here

  • Sept. 30, 2021, 12:40 p.m.
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I told you I missed you last night and you responded with “so did I”. asked you what you meant and you told me you hadn’t really had me in almost two years. It’s not like our relationship was always like that right? I just moved a little farther and my parents trusted you less after what you did to me the first time. Hate to say my mother was right. You would still be the same person as before and so would I. What’s even more pathetic for me was I told you I loved you last night and all you said was “It is what it is”. SO tell me. Why did you decide to change so much now? What made you decide you didn’t wanna “Show me what true love is” (those are your own words.) What made you decide I wasn’t worth shit to you and I never even meant anything at all. Most importantly Why can’t I just fukking get over you. Its only been days but you moved on so quick and IM still stuck behind. I hate this. I hate myself.

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