Our untold love story in To not be here

  • Sept. 27, 2021, 12:25 p.m.
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About 2 days ago I got broken up with. The story goes as is, I was telling him everything I was sorry for and he replied back with “If we’re being honest now, I think I lost feelings” Part of me wanted to beg for him to at least try and love me a little longer, but the other part of me wanted him to know I loved him no matter what and I’d wait for him if he wanted too. I responded with “I love you” and he said “you don’t care?” I responded back with “I do I just thought I should let you know that I love you still” after a little more talking he asked “What should we call this?” He wanted to call it right person wrong time. I wanted to just leave it as “just (My name) and (His Name)” I couldn’t help it but somehow my sadness turned into anger and it led me outside. I sat on the brick wall behind my house and I looked at the moon and cried for a while. I knew deep down he was my person still but the distance just influenced the loss of feelings. I had built so much anger in that little moment I had to break something. Instead I hit a wall to get all my mixed feelings out which led me dark purple bruises with red surrounding it and getting lighter as it separates more from the purple. I had went inside and still texted my ex because even though feelings were lost no hate or hard feelings was ever present in the process. A little more time had pass and he called me unknowingly. We talked and had ups and downs in our conversation but we ended the conversation with “Goodnight” and “I love you”. He is my person, I am his. It’s me and him. If by the time I move on and can’t stand 2 years without you just know I loved you deeply and you are the reason I still fight to stay awake in life.

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