Surfing music from the 60s lifts my spirits in Daydreaming on the Porch

  • Sept. 18, 2021, 2:47 p.m.
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Do you remember the surfing songs from the 60s? They became big hits and classics for iconic groups such as The Beach Boys, Jan and Dean, and of course, instrumental groups such as The Chantays whose song “Pipeline,” turned into a mega-hit in 1965. It went on to be widely performed by others, including the legendary Ventures, one of my favorite groups.

This was all part of the innocent early to mid -60s music which I couldn’t get enough of when I was in junior high and high school.

The Chantays got national recognition when they appeared as guests performing “Pipeline” on “The Lawrence Welk Show.” Widely considered by younger folks then as pretty square, Welk nevertheless had a keen appreciation for all genres of music, as I came to appreciate years later, much like Ed Sullivan, whose variety show on Sunday nights was wildly popular in the 60s.

I never was a surfer, but the beach I went to during summer vacations was very popular with them. Still is.

There is something about this song that always hugely lifts my spirits.

“Pipeline” by The Chantays

Pipeline by The Ventures with guest Peter Frampton

Last updated September 18, 2021

Lis September 18, 2021

I love that music. xx

Oswego Lis ⋅ September 19, 2021

It is music for the ages!!

ConnieK September 18, 2021

You bring back many happy memories of beach times. The movies were clean cut fun, too: "Where the Boys Are", "Beach Blanket Bingo", and "Gidget" come immediately to mind.

Oswego ConnieK ⋅ September 18, 2021

Those were so emblematic of the times. A lost age!

Jinn September 19, 2021

I live the older surfer music too :-)

Oswego Jinn ⋅ September 19, 2021

It was the best!

Marg September 19, 2021

That’s a really catchy tune! Kind of reminded me of The Shadows’ Apache but when I went on YouTube to listen to it I could see it was pretty much nothing like it lol! :)

Oswego Marg ⋅ September 19, 2021

I just listened to Apache! 😌😌

What a great song!

Marg Oswego ⋅ September 21, 2021

Have you never heard it before? I thought it was one of the mainstays of the sixties!

Oswego Marg ⋅ September 21, 2021

Oh yes, I have listened to it many times!! 😌

Lady of the Bann September 19, 2021

Yep. I only have to hear the opening to Good Vibrations and I am there, on the beach near Perth Australia, drinking Passiona and running into the waves.

Oswego Lady of the Bann ⋅ September 19, 2021

That song was pure genius!!

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