You know how it is… in Hot town, summery in the city - 2017

  • Sept. 18, 2021, 4:53 a.m.
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You have Summat to write about but when you’re sitting down it goes out of your head. I’ll give you some quick (10% phone battery) dribs and drabs.

There’s nothing quite like reaching Day 4 of a 4 day course to overhear the trainers saying that two people we’re off that day because of covid symptoms! Thankfully I have to do two lateral flow and one PCR test a week for work and I’m definitely free of covid.

However, four days were completed and I legged it out of there.

On another Note. T had become a bit obsessive with weighing herself so when the scales got wet and broke last year, we didn’t replace them. After six months I realised that I really need scales just to keep me in check so I bought some and hid them under the bed. I used them and forgot. That was several months ago and, as my weight had been drip dripping on since last summer I wondered if it had carried on so this morning I stood on them again and, thankfully, I’m exactly the same amount overweight that I was a few months ago!!

On that note, I had got so sick of finding running so hard, and enjoyed the middle-of-the-night swim so much that I have joined a local gym with a pool. A bit of a luxury but I think it will really help me.

Now at 5% so I’ll read through to check then publish.

Lis September 18, 2021


thesunnyabyss September 18, 2021

Swimming will definitely be easier on your joints, and yay for not gaining!

have a great weekend!

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