Reality check - the coffee edition in Hot town, summery in the city - 2017

  • Sept. 10, 2021, 2:59 a.m.
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WHERE: I’m sitting at the kitchen/dining table (it isn’t in the kitchen, it’s at the far end of the living room next to the kitchen). I’ve eaten some blueberry wheats (not a big fan but someone finished the cornflakes and put the box back on the shelf so I didn’t know they were done) and I’m still drinking my coffee. My window looks out onto my back garden and, over the fence, I can see the trees that surround the play/football field behind us (just a rectangle of grass that kids play on). Oreo is sitting on the windowsill gazing at the birds with a faraway look in her eyes.

WEARING: jeans, a bit dotted with gel varnish from doing my nails while sitting on the floor watching telly. I have on my work shirt which is a nylon blue polo shirt with the work logo. And DAMN has it been uncomfortable during the hot weather this week. It’s NYLON dagnabbit!!
And on my feet I have just seven toenails. Need to size up the trail shoes 😂

FITNESS UPDATE: I’m not running at the mo. I was so stressed with work starting and the fact that running is so hard at the moment that I decided to just give running a full break for a couple of weeks, just until I got into the swing of things. The excess energy has gone into a major sort out of my garden!! Which, in exciting news, has a new buddleia. I removed the old one as it was obliterating any chance of sunlight from the apple tree. But I love having a buddleia so I took one of the self planted seedlings, which had planted itself in a small bag with a tiny bit of sand in it and put it in a large tub which I had filled with compost and plant food. The thing immediately wilted and looked utterly fucking miserable. My plan was to buy a small one in spring but, behold, when I hacked back that corner of the garden this week there it was, green and perky!!

THE NEWS: I don’t know. I just don’t want to know. On a local front, the roadworks that were going to take four months, 18 months ago, have now been extended by another 18 months and R’s bus to work today has just been cancelled.

READING: currently read Tim Moore’s Don’t Pass Go in which he explored the monopoly based streets of London. It’s interesting in that he did all the footwork just a couple of years after I left London so it’s as I knew it but not so much because I have always hated that game. It has no definitive ending and just draaaaaags on and on and on!!!

ACTIVITIES TODAY: going to work in about ten minutes. T wants me to do her nails which I’ll try to fit in before I go back to work at about 2:30 (narrator: the likelihood of T being awake early enough for this to happen is zilch). Then FLOOOOOBBBB!

THINKING ABOUT: I have a nail appointment a blooming long way away tomorrow and originally said I couldn’t go that far. R suggested we could make a day of it; do the nails then be tourists. So I agreed. Then when she gave me her address it turned out that she was even further away than she had originally said. Mildly miffed!! However, she wants a cute design so that should be fun.

PLANNING: the route and where to drop R on the way. Not much beyond that!!

Lis September 10, 2021

I hate when that happens (empty box) xx

thesunnyabyss September 10, 2021

Your roadwork sounds like ours, two months means two years, lol,

Enjoy being a tourist!!! Have fun!!!

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