Hurricane Ida / Katrina in Poetry is the Window to the Soul...

  • Aug. 29, 2021, 6:37 p.m.
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16 years ago to the day. .

Ida popped up out of nowhere, which I’ve never seen. She never deviated a bit from her initial hurricane track, which as a resident of New Orleans for over 40 years I’ve also never seen happen. Ida ramped up to a category 4 in incredibly short order due to the increasingly warm waters in the Gulf, another surprise.

She’s now over Houma and she is STILL a category 4. I’ve never seen this in my life nor heard of it ever. As soon as any storm makes landfall unless it goes back into the water to regain strength she loses wind power and ferocity and thus the category of wind drops.

Not Ida so far.

I expected we’d lose power maybe at the earliest noon but maybe as late as 4 or 6pm .. power went out twice through the 8am hour but returned until it finally has been off for good since 1pm.. Can’t restore services until the trucks are safe to enter the disaster area to begin work on power lines, cable lines, and everything else. The only hope right now is Ida moves quickly over us inland so while we take a terrible beating at least it would be brief.

Several years ago in the first hurricane for my ex Shayla we rode out a category 1 but the crazy thing is it never moved. It hung half in the gulf and half over New Orleans and southeast Louisiana. We were without power for weeks. My friends some without it for a month. It was awful, and something I’d never seen or heard of before or since a hurricane doing. It was a minor storm that made such damage cause it just beat on us for weeks. The trucks couldn’t get in to begin repairs.

Praying now that Ida is done being never before seen and unheard of, because this weather right now is pretty terrifying.

Take care of yourselves! <3

Athena August 29, 2021

I hope you and yours are ok. I’m so sad for the area.

Foofah August 29, 2021

I pray for safety for you and your loved ones and I hope power will be restored quickly for you.

music & dogs & wine August 29, 2021

Hope you are safe!

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