Always finding something new to worry about in At the foot of the hill

  • Aug. 27, 2021, 1:17 p.m.
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Waking up at 2 AM is getting to be happening way too often. And shutting off the mind is not happening.
Today I thought about lots of “little” things I need to do something about. We will not have Xfinity in our new location so we will have to find out how we can keep our contacts. If I go away for awhile my internet friends need to know I will be doing my best to get back here and on Facebook. And what about my on-line banking?
A couple of people in our senior club want to have a gathering to send us off. Nice of them. We know they mean well, but we wish they wouldn’t. Especially Bob, who is still far from being well. The cracked vertebrae, though “stable”, still bothers and he has to wear a neck brace part of the time. His breathing problem is hanging on, although he doesn’t seem to be having water build-up anymore, he still needs to be hooked up to oxygen except for a short time a few times a day. We believe that once we get out of this mountainous altitude, that will get better, and all the doctors keep telling us that it will. Anyhow, he is just not up for being sociable, so I thought about how I an going to tell them, “thanks, but no thanks” without hurting feelings.
Packing: I don’t know what I need to be doing next. I have packed a few boxes with little stuff and I have shredded a lot of old paperwork. Going through drawers and closets and discarding quite a bit along the way. But we have contracted with a guy who coordinates moves who also provides complete packing services and told me I don’t really need to do anything…they will do it all! But since this move is going to involve moving two or three times, I have to make sure we have what we need for an extended stay with daughter and SIL. The bulk of our stuff will be stored in their garage until our apartment comes available, maybe the end of October; and the current plan is we will move into assisted living sooner or later.
So there goes my mind.... One thing I don’t worry about is if this is the right thing for us to be doing. We are all in accord on that.

Last updated August 27, 2021

crystal butterfly August 27, 2021

The worry button seems to turn on the minute we go to bed. Even if I really have nothing to worry about my mind makes stuff up. I hate packing. I have so much stuff that could be trashed or sold or given away and do not know where to start doing it.

MageB August 27, 2021

You do sound pretty good even with a worry button in action.

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