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  • Aug. 20, 2021, 1:48 p.m.
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Every August my Facebook memories remind me of the plethora of MOT experiences that august brings. The car is 14 years old which makes 11 MOTs and it has never cost a ridiculous amount other that the year I took it to some robbing bastards who started doing work I hadn’t even asked for!! I refused to pay for what I hadn’t asked for and had to drive the car around a mechanic who was standing in front of the car pointing out other things that were “wrong” with it!!

Anyway, today was this year’s MOT day and it failed on a couple of minor issues (ball joint caps or some such things ) as well as the usual emissions. They replaced the joints then took the car for a high rev spin to clear out the exhaust and it passed. £119.99 for the lot. I swear that car is made of the same dna as cockroaches!!

edna million August 20, 2021

lol!!!! Glad it continues to survive! We have to have yearly inspections although I don't think they are as strenuous as your MOT ones. Our older car is 10 and for the last two years it's had a brake light go out right before the inspection, but nothing more serious. I used to have an old VW bug that NEVER passed, for all kinds of reasons. There were several shops I could take it to that basically just slapped on the sticker though.

ermentrude edna million ⋅ August 20, 2021

Yikes!! I must admit, I use the garage that I do because I know they don’t rev quite d as much as they could for the emissions test… 🙄

edna million ermentrude ⋅ August 20, 2021

We were lucky that we didn't have emissions tests for our county until fairly recently, and our cars are somewhat newer so they've passed with no problems. I don't think you can find the "don't even look at your car" ones anymore, since it's all computerized and tied into getting your license plate renewed now. So I was lucky way back then when I was driving twenty year old vehicles!

thesunnyabyss August 20, 2021

Is there a cut off in age? here after a certain age it's a classic and doesn't get tested,

ermentrude thesunnyabyss ⋅ August 20, 2021

Not to my knowledge but they don’t get tested for their first three years.

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