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  • Aug. 12, 2021, 2:07 a.m.
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Because my area of the world is so low on the water table each area (suburb) has its own lake, created to act as flood defence. One of our localish lakes which borders a slightly dodgy area has been tidied up by an amazing group of people. They’ve made an FB page and have created herb beds for anyone to use, flower beds and have put fairy doors on old tree stumps. Obviously, at least once a week something gets trashed but they get out and sort it out again.

Every morning one of these people goes for a walk there to check it’s all looking good and to feed the waterfowl. It really is an amazing undertaking.

This morning the lady who goes every morning found a goose just after it had been hit by a car. It was still alive and she was going to take it to the vet but it died once it was in her house.

She didn’t know what to do with it and people were suggesting a local wildlife rescue and the vets. I first suggested burying it in her garden but she said she has dogs so that wouldn’t work. Fair enough.

I then suggested she put it in the bushes to allow a Fox a nice meal.

That comment was ignored.

Was I wrong? Or are these the people who want the antelope to escape the wolf in wildlife programmes? Isn’t it just the circle of life? The food chain? 🤷‍♀️

Pies on a Carousel August 12, 2021

I saw a video a while back that showed fisherman in deep water rescuing a dolphin from a shark or something like that. The fisherman got a lot of praise in the comments for their heroics, but I remember thinking that the shark needs to eat and it seemed weird to take its food away.

ermentrude Pies on a Carousel ⋅ August 12, 2021 (edited August 12, 2021)


Exactly. I do really love nature documentaries but the music choices which dictate the ‘good guys’ (herbivores) versus the ‘bad guys’ (carnivores) really annoy me.

thesunnyabyss August 12, 2021

That probably is the best idea, imo.

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