Day drinking in Hot town, summery in the city - 2017

  • July 25, 2021, 1:53 a.m.
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As you know I rarely drink for two reasons. One) I hate feeling crap in the morning and B) I usually have to drive if we go out.

Well, yesterday afternoon I had just finished painting my nails all spotty (before remembering I have a job interview on Monday so I should probably tone them down!) when R appeared in the living room looking like he was going out. I tagged along.

He was about to catch the bus into town then walk up the hill to Old Town to try out some new-ish pubs.

{narrator voiceover} Let’s travel back in time to a younger version of this couple: VWORP VWORP (this is the sound the tardis makes when you watch Dr Who with subtitles).

Ermen and R are in a bar, ermen drinking bud and telling R not to buy her any whiskey if she asks because whiskey gives her a god-awful hangover. At the end of the night ermen announces that she wants whiskey which R purchases. The next day, ermen feels like cooled down crap.

VWORP VWORP {narrator voiceover} we have sped forward to 2020, two different events will follow, one after the other.

A) Ermen has a couple of Budweisers and the next morning feels like week-old, bleached, crap. TWO) ermen has a couple of whiskies and feels fine the next day.

Light dawns upon an old assumption that Ermie has made; it wasn’t the whisky that was the cause of the hangover {sound effect of dawning music played by a plethora of stringed instruments}. It was the effing BUD!!!

VWORP VWORP {narrator voice over} so ermen and R are back on their journey to Old Town in July of 2021.

So while R was drinking his brewed-on-the-premises cask ales, I was trying a variety of whiskies. Yes, in plural. At each bar I had another, feeling gorgeously displaced but protected by R. We chatted and giggled and had a lovely time, all the while our teens were at home assuming that we were on another of our ‘boring walks’ 🤣🤣🤣

We did have to get the bus home in order to make dinner though.

{narrator voiceover} ermie was unsuccessful at making dinner and R had to take over 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Anyway. It’s Sunday morning and I feel just FIIIIINE!!!

thesunnyabyss July 25, 2021


Lis July 25, 2021


Jinn July 28, 2021

That turned out well ! ❤️

ermentrude Jinn ⋅ July 28, 2021

It really did, and made me realise that I can drink as long as I stick to the right drinks.

Jinn ermentrude ⋅ July 28, 2021

I can not drink well. I need to stick to vodka drinks and they have little to no effect on me at all, which then makes me wonder why I even drink them :-)

edna million July 28, 2021

LOL!!!! I can't stand Bud, I am happy to hear that was the issue and not the good stuff!

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