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  • July 17, 2021, 7:37 a.m.
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We’re joining Library Lil (btw, I’ve always wondered, is that a play on Lilo Lil from Bread?). L is now home until September. However, she isn’t isolating. Nope, the entire school has closed because so many teachers are isolating they can’t stay open!!

Previously when they were at home they were set work to do in their own time so L was not amused when the school got in touch to say there would be online lessons until the end of term. 😂

It all happened rather suddenly on Friday morning; L was ready for school, I was dropping R at work and then careening back along the roads to pick L up for school but I got home to her sitting on the edge of her seat asking if her friend, K (who is lovely but a bit dozy) has got “it” right this time, as he had messaged her to say school was closed. As I was checking my emails, R messaged me to say there had been an email. There was suddenly just a streak of colour heading upstairs, uniform discarded as she went and t shirt and shorts flung into their place 🤣

Lis July 17, 2021


thesunnyabyss July 17, 2021

wow! xo

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