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  • June 25, 2021, 8:48 a.m.
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My white blood count finally is solidly in the middle range. It was super high last week and I was wondering if the dr would change anything but he didn’t. I do have a couple of lows and highs from this week’s blood test but they are just slightly over or under the normal but I am not worried about them as I was about the white count.

This week’s chemo treatment has been pretty good, haven’t felt washed out like when I get the two drugs, that will be next week.

Stopped at a consignment shop the other day to inquire about getting rid of some stuff or if they would just buy what I have. The owner does buy furniture and antiques so I am getting pictures for him and hopefully he will take the bulk of what I have. The rest will go to good will.

Am hoping to go see an apartment similar to the one I have rented as because of Covid and the fact that they didn’t have any vacancies at the time I applied, have never actually seen one. I have only seen what they look like on line. They have one that they are getting ready for a new tenant so that is why I can see it. It is amazing how they have no vacancies and when one does become available, is snapped up in a matter of days.

Had a little excitement over the weekend at the assisted living place. We were just getting ready to serve dinner Saturday when the fire alarm went off. There was no fire, seemed to be a malfunction which I was told happens once or twice a year but at first thought it was from the state because they will do that as a test. I felt bad for the residents because it was very loud and one resident was very upset and tried to get back to her room. It was a little surprising that the sound would have upset her because she is hard of hearing but never wears her hearing aids. Sunday that same resident fell as she was leaving the dinner table because even tho she has a walker, she runs with it. Luckily she was not hurt but I felt really bad for her cuz she was crying and afraid she wouldn’t be able to walk. I saw her yesterday and she was in a much better frame of mind.

Finally yesterday one of the residents had gone to the hospital because she choked on peanuts earlier on the day! Not sure where she got the peanuts, possibly her family brought them in for her.

There is another gentleman who was waiting patiently for his dentures to come in. He has been on puréed food ever since he came. His teeth finally came but he still has purées food because he has trouble swallowing. He had had a stroke before he came and it affected his throat. It is hard to understand him but he is so sweet. He always watches the dick van dyke show in the main living room and has it pretty loud. There is a woman resident who always sits by him so who knows, romance?....

Am off work the weekend and all next week altho I will watch the munchkins on Tuesday, hoping it will be a good week.

ConnieK June 25, 2021

Excellent news. Stay strong and I'll be praying.

I don't know why people don't think about the gifts they give to ALF residents. My aunt got mad at me because I said she couldn't bring any more chocolate to my mother, who is diabetic. She tried to get around me by bringing "diabetic" candy. Mom gobbled up the whole box in one afternoon. One brother got mad because the ALF lost track of the expensive outfit he bought her, another because a necklace he gave her went missing. They knew the rules: nothing of high value, nothing her diet does not allow. This is difficult?

IpsoFacto June 25, 2021

I’m so glad you’re doing well. I loved to peek inside the assisted living facility that this post gave me. I’m amazed that you could still do that job during chemo. Good for you!

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