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  • June 15, 2021, 8:06 a.m.
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Last week’s double chemo fatigue hit me pretty hard BUT the weather didn’t help. Initially I was ok, did a nice walk, had lunch and then crashed. The next two days I did nothing but lay around, it also rained quite heavily. I did manage to work a day shift and today (a week after) I am feeling more energetic so I just have to find ways to work with thedouble chemo 5 day fatigue without getting depressed to boot.

This is a chemo free week and I saw the dr yesterday. He is very pleased with how I am doing but feels bad about the fatigue. He said he could lower the dose but couldn’t guarantee it would lessen the fatigue. Told him no I can manage. Other than the fatigue I just have a metal taste in my mouth. I mentioned that to him but I thought the taste was because chemo can cause appetite, taste changes plus I first noticed it when I was doing the turmeric/ginger. Turns out I have thrush, side effect of chemo😔 oh well. My hair isn’t coming out as much and the dr said maybe I won’t lose anymore. That would work for me. I have the wig for important occasions but can get by with just my baseball cap for informal occasions, works for me! Again the important things is that the doctor is very pleased with how things are going. He ordered a cat scan July 1 and is in favor of me camping the end of July in Maine and depending on how the blood work goes, I could even skip that weekly draw. All in all things are good. Just have to figure out how I can handle the chemo fatigue week without getting depressed.

Walking with a friend today and then working, I can do this!

Jinn June 15, 2021

You can do this. Prepare for the fatigue by planning ahead for it ; have good stuff to eat on hand that you can get ready fast or order out , schedule special programs or movies to watch, plan to have family drop in to check on you ti visit, listen to some great music, have some bubble baths and light candles, buy some fresh flowers for your rooms , get some new loungewear , and have some good stuff to read on hand. Schedule a massage . Get your house all clean and laundry done before , so you do not feel bad about not doing tasks. Hugs ! ❤️

ConnieK June 15, 2021

GREAT news! Just rest as much as you can. I'm SO proud of you!

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