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  • June 11, 2021, 3 a.m.
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being different is always okay. I figure there is a lot of uniqueness when everyone is not the same. Could you imagine if everyone you knew was just like you? And they say there is a twin of you somewhere in the world would you want to meet them?
And did you know that the way everyone does things is basically the same but done a bit different? and I don’t know that one way is any better then the other because it all gets done.
Have you ever done something wrong and it turned out better then what you did before? Or did you use something that made the work easier? And how often have you made something and it turned out better then before? Do you make a lot of mistakes when cooking? I once added way too much pepper to a recipe and couldn’t eat it but hubby loved it.

I like to think the more people are different the better they are because they always have a different way to do things and to say things and what they choose to say and how is always better then what I have said or done. Especially if you are a writer.

Onto something else....

I have figured out that it’s the same price no matter if I go to the store or shop on line because I don’t have a car I need to take a taxi and it’s basically the same price so that is what I have been doing for about 6 months now. The only down fall is when the store shelves don’t have what you want or they forget to give you your stuff. This has happened to me once so far but the good thing is you can call the store and they will refund your money and then you can try to get it the next time you shop on line.
But I am thinking once the restrictions are gone I will most likely be going back to the store I call that “therapy”
I have three on line stores that I shop and I always have something in my carts and when I get the urge I get what I want. But in one of my carts is my birthday present and I want hubby to get that. he said he would but he can’t understand why I am telling him what I want. I told him the reason is because then I get what I want and it’s the right size and the right everything else. And in the end I am happier then I don’t have to return it. Amazon is the hardest one to return things but at least they will help you return it.

Onto something else....
Well today is what I call left over Friday and what ever is in the fridge leftover is what hubby eats for dinner and it also gives me a break from making a mess in my kitchen. And I often don’t eat dinner per se but I do eat something. And then I go to bed early so I can get enough sleep and wake up at 5:30 am to get hubby up for work on Saturday as he has to be there at 8:00 am but then he is home by 5 pm so it makes for a better weekend for him. And hopefully his hockey teams are still playing so he has that all weekend. And hopefully he will phone his brother just to see how he and his idiot girl friend are doing and if there is any major crises they have. Other then that there is not much else happening. I do want to make a roast but I am still deciding on what day.

is there anyone who would like to come and clean my bathroom? I don’t know why but I always leave it till the very last and then I am always telling myself tomorrow it will get done. I wish tomorrow would come already.....
I am thinking I will call my son today just to see how he is and let him know that when the restrictions are gone for having people in your home he will be coming for dinner and then he gets to take some goodies with him.

Anyways this is it for now....I am going to stop here.
Be Kind, Be calm be safe and Behave.

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