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  • June 9, 2021, 2 a.m.
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Have you noticed that everything has gone up? gas, food, and the air your breath and a lot of other things. The reason these things are rising in price is because of the demand. people want these things and the more people who want them the higher it goes. This has nothing to do with any government it’s the companies who sell this stuff. I have noticed that all food has gone up by about 5% and will be going even higher once this Covid is gone. Why is it some people think it has to do with the federal governments because they stopped the pipeline? it has nothing to do with them and the necessities that every country needs is still being got the same way as before and the prices are going higher because of the companies not the government.
I do know that families is Canada will be paying about $700.00 more per family in 2021 and I think it will continue to go up.
And gas will go up also because more people are on the roads with their cars and travelling.
So if this is happening in Canada it’s also happening in the USA and probably the world and it’s the peoples fault not the governments because the people are the ones who are wanting this stuff.
But then what do I really know? probably not much because I am just a Canadian hick who often thinks backwards.

Onto something else....

Yesterday both of my parents and my brother got their second vaccine so now it’s just a matter time before hubby and I get our second vaccine then we can have a “normal” life but I think it will be a different “normal” I think the first thing hubby and I will do is go out to a restaurant for dinner and go to the mall and when my son gets his second vaccine he will be coming here for dinners again and taking goodies with him. Mostly tin foil surprises because I forget what they are.
Is it true that some states are trying to bribe people into getting their vaccines? I think I heard that California is offering a joint and a beer if they get theirs. And some states are offering other perks. Are people actually getting these things ? I would think money would be a better incentive but then what do I know?

Onto something else....

I have a joke for you all.....
A husband told his wife that he killed 5 flies. 3 males and two females
The wife asks how do you know they were two females and three males?
The husband said because three were on the beer and two were on the phone.

With that I will stop here so you can finish laughing and do have a great day.
Be kind, Be calm, be safe and behave.

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