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  • May 29, 2021, 7:35 a.m.
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It is the weekend, gray and rainy, but i still am feeling great physically. I work this afternoon and then all day Sunday so hopefully I won’t be too tired. Chemo doesn’t start up again til Wednesday.

Got the wig and it looks very natural. My sister went with me and could not believe how great it looked. Took it home to play with and I put it on for my daughter and she was similarly impressed. Once I do not have hair, I will go back to the stylist and she will fit it to my head.

Had to go into the courthouse the other day as there is an outstanding lien on my house which I did not know about. The house has been paid for for many years. This is for a 10 yr mortgage Jeff and I had taken out early in our marriage. I know it was paid because we had done other financing at times and this never came up as being unsatisfied. The banking institution has been absorbed and reabsorbed many times, no one has any records and of course the records I had were destroyed in the fire. The courthouse wasn’t much helping other than saying I probably need a court order. I talked to my nephew who is a realtor and put me in touch with an attorney. Just another thing I did not need.

Good news tho is that while I was at the courthouse I visited my department (remember I am still employed there just not called back because of Covid) and it looks like they finally will be calling me back. They know about the cancer and are quite willing to have me come back during my “good”week. I hope that they mean it because I miss the work, court has resumed in the courtrooms (it was via zoom) and I need to be as busy as I can be. I would still work the AL job because it is VERY part time. Anyway, we shall see what transpires.

Leaning more and more to going to Maine but getting a place to stay and just visit at camp a day or so. One reason that I am leaning more that way is because not only will my daughter and her husband’s mom will be there but also his aunt and her family as well. I have never met this particular aunt and I am thinking it just might be too much for me for a number of days. I might see if my niece would like to come but if not I will go myself. The place I am looking to stay at is unfortunately about an hour from camp in NH but very doable. A lot will depend on if I can get my weekly blood test before I go up and if I have to get a cat scan that week. It is a “good” week so I don’t anticipate feeling poorly but we shall see. I see the dr. in 3 weeks so will ask him those questions then.

Hope you all have a nice weekend!

ConnieK May 29, 2021

Those sound like fun plans!

Jinn May 29, 2021

So glad you are feeling well. It’s good to have plans. Wonderful about the wig ! I have often wished I could just wear a wig :-) It would be easier and anything would be more attractive than my hair. Dolly Parton never is seen with her real hair :-) Her wigs have become a trademark .

Jeepsy19 May 29, 2021

Glad you're feeling well and that's fantastic news about the wig. So glad you're pleased with it!
That really stinks to find out there's a lien on the house. I wonder what the heck that's about? I hope your ex didn't do something stupid or more stupid than what he's already done, you know?
I like your plan about going to Maine and staying somewhere other than camp. Given your situation, it's a great idea to have a place to "escape" to if you get tired or things just get to be overwhelming.

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