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  • May 27, 2021, 1 a.m.
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No it’s none of you because you are all smart and have some compassion for peoples feelings. I am talking about an ex friend who was at OD and made life there for me hell. I ended up being told to leave and my account was blocked so I came here and I like it here much better and I like to think I have made some really cool friends.
The person I am talking about is now saying she will be leaving OD because people are not leaving her notes but that is because all she does is write about her cat and post pictures that are basically the same. And she never talks about anything other then her writing (which is not very good and is always long winded) and the stories are really boring.)
I am really worried that she will be coming here to try to get me kicked off of here too so as soon as I see her I will be blocking her. If you really want to see what she is like her id is tetemarina or just marina.

The reason i cam here to start was because \I wanted a new start and to make some different friends because I have found a lot of people at OD is stuck up and don’t see outside the box and all they do is write about the same things every entry and I find that really boring. there is so much to write about and the world and I can not understand why people are so focused on the bad stuff in their life.
I even gave her a home with me and hubby and her cat when she was homeless so she wouldn’t have to live in a shelter and she never did contribute to the household or buy any food and in the end I made her life so miserable that she left and didn’t take her cat and to me that shows me she is just ungrateful and doesn’t value people and what they give up for her. And then there was a time where one of her friends told her I was in her apartment building causing trouble and I couldn’t even defend myself and later she apologized on OD but never to me.
But then there was the time where I was holding a fork and threating to throw it at her. Actually I did throw it but I threw it at a wall 10 feet to her left and that was the last draw for her and she finally left my life. And later I thanked hubby for letter her stay because I know he really didn’t like her or the way she treated me or him and she never did thank him either. Nor did she ever give him or me any thank you money or take us out for dinner. And for the most part she really doesn’t have any quality friends because she always gets fed up with them and drops them like poison. We were friends for more then 20 years and she just didn’t like my attitude and how blunt I was but then I changed and she didn’t and I went to counselling and got to use some tools and now I am a much better person and don’t want to throw sharp objects at people.

It’s funny how it takes the deletion of some people to realize just how toxic they really are and the sad thing is that they are not ever willing to work on the friendship or any other relationship for that matter and then all they have left is themselves and their cat. But then the cat doesn’t care much about much of anything as long as someone feeds it.

Onto something else....

Yesterday we had left over stew and it was pretty good, even for me. And I don’t eat many left overs. It’s always so cool to see that there is just enough for a second meal and then there are not many dishes. And tonight hubby is going to have left over spaghetti sauce and noodles and I am not sure if I want anything. I don’t have much to do today so I will just take it easy and do what needs to be done nice and slow.

I saw on the news that some states really want the borders to Canada opened but i don’t think we will have them opened till at least 70% have had their first shot and maybe 20% have had their second shot and I think that is the way to go, And our restaurants and bars are going to start opening for dining inside but we can only have up to 6 people at a table and people can start visiting but it has to be the same person who was in your bubble. And I think when we can travel to other countries North America will have to have proof that they have both of their vaccines or they will be turned away at the airport.

Onto something else....
Well I don’t have much else to say so I am going to stop here.
be kind, be calm and be safe and most of all behave.

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theKat May 30, 2021

I personally miss you

Jodie theKat ⋅ May 31, 2021

I miss you and a few others....

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