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  • May 26, 2021, 11:45 a.m.
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This is a good week as I feel, almost scared to, really, really good.

First off no chemo this week!

Second saw the dr Monday and he is very pleased with my blood work and the way I felt the past two weeks is pretty much how it will be, should not get any worse altho probably my next round my hair will start coming out. He also said a trip to Maine, either camping out or not, would be wonderful.

Third, i signed for the apartment and i like the location of it. My balcony looks out over a common area instead of looking at another apartment unit. Parking will not be an issue either. Right now I have a parking pad and where i can park at the apartment complex is not a further distance than my pad to my house.

Go for a wig fitting this afternoon, my sister will go with me.

I am just amazed at how good I feel. Of course I will no doubt feel punky next chemo but the fact that i feel so good the week of no chemo is very encouraging. I get an extra couple of days of feeling good because i normally get chemo on Mondays. This coming Monday is Memorial Day so it was pushed to Wednesday and then Tuesday of the week after and then a week off and then going back to the Mondays.

Am very behind in reading comments and favs but I will be catching up with you all, right now I have to get ready to do some running----it is sooooo nice to feel energized!

Jinn May 26, 2021

Yes for feeling good !!! Long May it continue !

ConnieK May 26, 2021

I am beyond pleased to see all the good that is happening: chemo-free week, trips being planned, apartments taking shape! Prayers continue. Onward and upward!

Jeepsy19 May 27, 2021

So glad to read that you're feeling good. Don't be scared, just enjoy those days and remember them so when you do feel bad after any further treatment they will be good reminders that it does get better.
Sounds like not getting the unit you thought turned out to be better. That's a great thing. The first apartment I lived in here was a basement apartment that's window was level with the parking lot so when I looked outside I saw a little grass then car bumpers. :) Highest floor apartment that overlooks the front common area is so much more peaceful. I hope your apartment turns out to be a peaceful place as well.

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