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  • May 26, 2021, 3 a.m.
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B.C. is now becoming the province it once was and people are a bit happier. We now have about 50% people vaccinated with at least one shot and about 5% who have two shots and more people will be getting their second shot. And because our numbers are getting lower and we are bending the curve and not as many people in the hospital or the ICU our rules and restrictions can be relaxed some, this is what we can do now.

But I am still going to wear a mask and social distance till I know at least 70% have their second shot. And I will not be having anyone over or visiting anyone.
And also once we can travel across the world we will need a vaccine passport which the federal government will be responsible for and people will have to follow that countries rules. And I am sure that there will be other places that you will need proof.
Our top doctor said that as long as the data shows that we are getting fewer cases the more relaxed we will be. I figure by September all of B.C. will be back to what use to be “normal”

It’s been a tough year and a bit but we did survive it and life can only get better. But I do feel bad for all those business who had to close for ever because they just couldn’t survive. but for the most part people did the best they could and now they can get back to work. But the ones that couldn’t survive didn’t want to bother saving their business anyways and didn’t want to keep their employees working.

Onto something else....

I found out yesterday that one of my landlords had died. But he did have a few medical conditions and he was more then 80. He was actually one of the better ones I have had over the years. It’s always sad that people you know have died and you are left with what can I do? I told his daughter that if she ever wants to talk that I am always around so I figure I did something. But what do you say except I am sorry for your loss? I find death always so awkward and I never know what else to say even with my family.

Onto something else....
I also found out yesterday that the person who got me kicked off of OD is now leaving because they are not getting many notes. But I think the real reason is that I am not there and they can’t bully me anymore and there are a few people there who are really pissed at her. I just hope she doesn’t come here and cause trouble for me or anyone else and I can not afford to be belligerent to her so as soon as I see her I will be blocking her. I really like how the blocking option works here because once you use it there is no going back to get that person and they are gone from you for ever.

I need to stop here....
Be kind, be calm and be safe and behave.

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theKat May 30, 2021

yep! how sad she did that too

Jodie theKat ⋅ May 30, 2021

I wish someone would find her on face book and haunt her space till she leaves that place eye for an eye....

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