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  • May 24, 2021, 2 a.m.
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It seems to me that just knowing it’s Monday I know it’s going to be a long week and by the time Wednesday comes I know the weekend is almost here. But the key is to get everything done by Friday so you can rest and do what you want. but there is always more to do but it’s never a life or death thing to get it done. What a better way to waste ones weekend is to be bombarded with sports on every channel. Basketball, hockey and golf and baseball. it must be really nice to know that every male is in front of their tv watching their favorite sport and drinking beer and eating chips.

But then it’s back to work and then you have to remember what work really is because for a few days you turned your brains off. How long does it take to get into work mode? And have you ever gone to work and forgot what your job is? That I call brain cramp and usually it happens on a Monday or a Friday. have you ever bough a car or had a ha car that always broke down? Well that car is a lemon because it was built on a Monday or a Friday and everyone is just coming back from being drunk all weekend or is too tired and just wants to go home to drink and relax. I don’t know many people who really like their jobs and who can say they are having fun. But the sad thing is that most people just work and don’t care about much else because all that matters is the money and it’s usually not enough to pay all the bills and to me that isn’t right. Why can’t people be paid the cost of living and not have to live pay check to pay check? And even living off of government money like welfare and Social security is never the cost of living because once your rent or mortgage is paid then you don’t have enough for the whole month and even with your significant others money it’s barley enough and there is never any wasteful spending it always has to be the need for it not the wanting.

Onto something else....
Yesterday I made a roast and it turned out pretty good. And even the carrots and potatoes were really good but I would have liked them a bit more done but never the less it was enjoyed. And tonight will be chicken but the only way I really like it is roasted and the skin crunchy. When was the last time you had French toast? Hubby said he would like to have it again since it’s been like 10 years since the last time so I am going to do that and hopefully it will turn out. But I don’t have any icing sugar so maybe cinnamon will do? Or is it cinnamon and sugar? But having French toast reminds me of when I was like 10 when my mom use to make it for me and my brother but it was never like the restaurants made it.

Onto something else....
Well, I need to stop here.
be kind, be calm and be safe and behave.

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