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  • May 21, 2021, 2 a.m.
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All these days are mushing together and it’s getting really hard to deceiver which day it is until I look at the time on my laptop and then click on it and see the day. So today is Friday. I like Fridays because it’s the end of the week and the weekend is here to not be the good house wife. But this weekend hubby and I are going to be building a lawnmower so that should go well. I asked him if he can make the screws tight enough so they don’t strip and he can so it will be his doing. And if in time everything becomes loose then I have gorilla tape and glue so I can tape it back together, or glue it like here…

Onto something else....

Did you know a 12 year old doesn’t need to get a parents permission for their medical care? So if they want this Covid vaccine they can make up their own mind to get it or not to get it? And I am also thinking that this also goes for any other medical issues they might want to get fixed also. I heard this from our top doctor here in B.C. And we won’t know what the new restrictions are or what is going to be lifted till the day after the long weekend so everyone isn’t too happy about that but I think it’s a good idea because they people won’t have the excuse that it’s over tomorrow. And the police are going to be out in force this weekend to ensure that people are only travelling our highways for essential reasons otherwise they will be told to turn around and if they don’t they will get a $575.00 ticket and will have to pay it or they won’t get to renew their id.

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It’s been two weeks since the last time I talked to my son on the phone so i am not sure what he is doing or not doing. I sure hope he got his medical card all sorted out and got his prescriptions so his asthma isn’t bothering him as much. I wonder what would happen if I called him? But then everything I told him about him calling me would seem to be hypocritical so I won’t. But I do think about him very often just like I think about my parents and my brother but with them I can call them at any time and they will always talk to me at some point. because of my brothers work schedule he doesn’t have a lot of time to talk to anyone but when he does it’s usually just to say hi and ask everyone is doing.

Onto something else....
I need to stop now. be kind, be calm and be safe and behave.

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crystal butterfly May 22, 2021

My daughter needed to have a medical test done one. She was in high school. She asked me to get the results. Was told they could not give them to me because they wanted to make sure she would feel safe to come to them for another health problems. I told them I had brought her in, she asked me the results. Also informed them that she was a minor. They had to right to keep them from me and if they did they could also bill her for all the costs because if I were not entitled to hear the results, then I would not pay their bill for doing the tests. My opinion is that if a 12 year old is old enough to get medicare without me, then they are also old enough to pay their own way.

Jodie crystal butterfly ⋅ May 22, 2021

I agree totally but there are not many 12 year old's who are interested in paying their way which is a shame because the earlier they start the more they feel like they have done something in their life.

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