Feeling down in Daily life

  • May 21, 2021, 4:06 a.m.
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Feel down today, went for blood work and my white blood count is still climbing. It is 13.11, standard range is up to 10.16. I see the dr Monday and because the white counts are still climbing I am worried that the treatment isn’t working. My neutrophils relative and absolute are also flagged as high. On the other hand my lymphocytes, monocytes relative and absolute are low. Everything else is normal range. I don’t feel I have chemo fatigue tho, I really think I am just depressed today. Didn’t sleep too well, drank a lot of turmeric/ginger water yesterday, think I might have overdone it.

ConnieK May 21, 2021

{{HUGS}} It's a slow process. Go easy on yourself. You are loved and valued.

Jeepsy19 May 21, 2021

You're still early in treatments, so maybe there's some adjustments they need to make (?) - I don't know how it works but with most other situations sometimes adjustments need to be made to make things more effective. Either way, I'm sorry that you're feeling down. Take it easy - this isn't a race, it's a marathon. Hugs!

Jinn May 22, 2021

Just rest and try to think positively. If there is something you can manage to do that you enjoy; do it. A positive attitude helps to heal you but I understand this is scary and not comfortable . Hugs . ❤️

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