Second day of 2nd chemo and mouse in tub in Daily life

  • May 18, 2021, 11:54 a.m.
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Feeling a little shaky this morning, not sure why. Felt a bit better after i ate but the feeling is still coming back, guess i need to drink more water than what i am. Right now i have drinking homemade tumeric and ginger water, got pretty good.

Thanks to all on your comments about Jeff being a decent person. His reasoning was beginning to mess up my thinking so i appreciate all your comments that he is decent person because he has a guilty conscience. Criminals also have guilty consciences. Enjoy said!

So the mouse in the tub, what a story. It was last Thursday, my first day of going for lab work and i wanted to take a shower. Of course, i push off getting ready until the absolute last moment. I get undressed, turn the water on and pull back the shower curtain. I see something brown flash up and think was it a leaf, did i water a plant in the tub? No, i have no plants. Then i see it—a baby mouse running up and down trying to get out. I scream for the cats, run downstairs to the sun room looking for them, grab one, throw him in the tub and he just stands there and then jumps out. The mouse keeps running up and down but cannot get up the sides of the tub.

I grab a plastic waste basket to trap it and in the process smash it at the end of itś body. Then i put a heavy shampoo bottle on top because i do not want it to possibly still be alive and crawl out. The strange thing is that earlier when i went to the bathroom, Myles jumped in the tub. Did not think anything about it because he would do that to get water from the faucet. He jumped out and later i heard Otis come out of the bathroom, but again did not think anything of it. I am figuring that the mouse came up thru the drain and they at some point smelled it? Of course i did not take a shower, no time but i also did not want to touch the mouse.

My son came over that night and disposed of it. I then poured bleach in the tub, filled it with water and left it soak over night and then scoured it out the next day. I hate with a passion mice and yes i could have disposed of it myself but my son was coming and he could do that for me. Also i am undergoing chemo and while i can do just most things i was surprised that i cannot touch animal waste so the kids have to come and clean the cat boxes so I am sure I could not touch the mouse, right? Good thinking Suzu.

I still am checking to see if there are more, so far i have seen nothing but the cats are sitting by the oven now and i am freaking out that there are mice there. Again, no evidence and I have been checking numerous times a day. Cannot image why i would have one now especially with the cats. The only time i had one was, no cat, and there had been a heavy rain that i think caused one to come in. It has been beautiful out, no downpours, hoping it was a fluke.

So anyway, that is my mouse in the bathtub story, hope you enjoyed it.

ConnieK May 18, 2021

You absolutely should not touch a mouse while your immune system is compromised. This is a time for you to lean on others and ask for help with zero guilt feelings. Your son WANTS to make life easier for you and it gave him a chance to express that love non-verbally. You handled it exactly right. I had a lizard crawl out of my shower drain and about had a heart attack! Hopefully, these things only happen once in a lifetime!

Jinn May 19, 2021

Poor Mousie . You would have had hysterics ; a month ago we had a mouse invasion and I have two cats ! We removed eight . A couple we caught in traps that killed them ; the rest I got in a trap that did not hurt them so I dumped them on the other side of our lake :-) Hopefully they will not come back . Mice are cute outside but I do not want them in my house :- )
Hope your chemo went smoothly !

Jeepsy19 May 19, 2021

I am picturing this story in my mind. What a sight! The cats were like, nah, not today thanks. LOL. Glad your son helped out. I think you're right, if they don't want you touching animal waste I would think picking up a dead mouse that may have crawled up through a sewer drain would not be cool.

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