Second chemo in Daily life

  • May 17, 2021, 12:38 p.m.
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This week is the week I get the two chemo drugs so we shall see how it goes. I kept things low key last week and other than feeling occasionally tired, I feel I did ok. This week I am also planning on low key and seeing how it goes.

Worked the weekend, day shift 6:30 to 2 (not my normal shift but manager is short on people) and other than getting up at 5:30, wasn’t too bad. I did take a rest when I got home and then felt a bit revived. Told him I would work every weekend to make up for the weekdays and looks like he is doing that as I work the next two weekends but regular shift, only one day shift.

I also am scheduled to work tuesdays and I thought I would be ok this week but just found out that the medication I get to combat low white blood count with this round, driving is not recommended so I will tell him to schedule for only 3 tuesdays in the month instead of four.

Had a wig consultation appointment Friday and was most pleasantly surprised that it went ok. I ended up ordering the very first one I tried on! I go for a fitting the week after next. It is synthetic not human hair and wasn’t as expensive as I thought it would be. The consultant was quite knowledgeable and extremely informative on synthetic vs human hair wigs. She is even ordering it in two different shades so we can see which one looks as close to my color as I am now. I felt very comfortable . A friend went with me who went thru chemo a few years ago, lost her hair and got a wig. She was very impressed with the woman that I went too and felt that while the woman she went to was good, this lady was better. I was glad to hear her say that because I had first called the woman she referred me to but she didn’t respond until the next day and I had called her the previous day in the a.m. and left a message.

Did have a bit of a set back emotionally earlier in the week as had gotten a text from Jeff needing my SS number to finish his taxes. I didn’t want to engage with him but after I gave him my SS number he asked how I was and just the tone of his voice caused me to lose it. Ended up telling him about the cancer and that things didn’t have to be the way they are. He is happy some days and not happy others, it is all relative and he does have a guilty conscience but he is told that he is a decent person because if he didn’t feel guilty then he wouldn’t be a decent person. I told him decent people don’t walk out on a marriage when things get a little tough, there is no abuse, or not getting along and especially in a long time marriage. I was really depressed after talking with him Tuesday night into Wednesday. Thursday on did get better.

The past week blood test was good except my white blood cells went up even higher! I was hoping they would start going down. Talked to the doctor and she said it was still ok, if there was a problem they would contact me. Also asked why the “gen” chemo drug was given over 90 minutes instead of what the general time length is 30 minutes. She said that it is still the same amount going in just with my type of cancer they find having it go in slower is more effective. I see the dr next Monday and it is a chemo free week.

Still waiting to hear officially on the apartment. The manager had contacted me to say it was a go just that her boss had to give the official go and it has been crazy busy but not to worry. Once I know I have it for sure, I am renting a storage shed and storing things there so my house is “snow” ready. Still have some boxes in the sunroom from the move in that we hadn’t unpacked as they were for antique person to get. I do need to put down carpet there and on the front porch but don’t want to move the boxes more than we have to. Did get the carpet and my son and his dad will lay it for me hopefully by the end of the month and I have the storage unit.

Also need to replace deck railing and so got the wood for that as well. Kman and his dad will do that as well.

This turned out really long and still have to tell you about the mouse in the bathtub but will save that for another entry.

ConnieK May 17, 2021

"he is a decent person because if he didn’t feel guilty then he wouldn’t be a decent person". That's some slick reasoning. He feels guilty because he did not treat you decently. He arranged his next woman before cleaning up his current relationship. He jumped when it was good for HIM.

YAY for good wig ladies AND chemo-free weeks!

Queensuzu1 ConnieK ⋅ May 18, 2021

I like the slick reasoning that you mentioned and that is exactly what he did.

ConnieK Queensuzu1 ⋅ May 18, 2021

I've seen men to this before. They make sure they have a soft place to fall while they leave the unsuspecting woman to fall flat on her face. What's "decent" about that? He chose to be dishonest and now he feels guilty. He should have closed the door before opening the next one. Her, too. She knew she was taking forbidden fruit. They both acted like snakes.

Jeepsy19 May 17, 2021

Sorry you had the encounter with him. You certainly do not need to be more upset emotionally. Your body is fighting a battle and that is where your emotional energy is needed. He can F off.
Can't wait to hear about the mouse in the tub! LOL

Deleted user May 18, 2021

Hi. I'm so glad you've found a wig and a good consultant. Just think, you aren't going to have to worry about keeping your own hair up. What freedom that will be! I don't know anything about Jeff but it sounds as if you were very much in love and your long term relationship ended. I'm sorry.

Jinn May 18, 2021

Be careful about giving him your SS number. I would be nervous about that.. Jeff is not a very good man. He is deceitful, weak and dishonest . I hate that you are still sad over him.
So glad the chemo is going ok and that the wig fitting went well.
I did not know you were still planning to move . Get as much rest as you can.

Queensuzu1 Jinn ⋅ May 18, 2021

He needed it for filing, even tho filing married but separately you pay as much as filing as single, we are still married so he needed it. Was interesting that he waited so long to contact me. I knew his because i have our tax records from last year. I did not want to text it to him or leave it on a voice mail so had to speak with him personally. I wish that i was not still sad over him too.

Jinn Queensuzu1 ⋅ May 18, 2021


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