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  • May 8, 2021, 8:18 p.m.
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The procedure for the port on Thursday went well. I was pretty tired afterwards and stiff but by next day I felt a lot better and today just a little stiffness. Spent most of the day cooking so I have foods for the week . I bought a book off of amazon that has a lot of nice recipes especially for if experiencing fatigue, nausea, depression, etc while undergoing treatment. I can also freeze them as well.

Made an appointment for a wig consult for this coming Friday, my mini fridge should come by Thursday and I decided to get a small coffee pot as well which came yesterday. I also got a juicer which came yesterday as well but haven unpacked it yet. Most of the juices are for that day or possible up to two days so I will juice Monday. Also I am going to do some smoothies and had one today using kale. It was ok but I think I will stick to spinach as my green.

I am behind on reading you all but have just been trying to,get things organized so will catch up with you all in the next couple of days.

Monday is the day.

ConnieK May 08, 2021

Hey girl, fall behind on me and don't worry. You have enough on your plate. I am praying for you. Just always remember that and there will be connection. Thanks for checking in. The port should make things easier. I'll be interested in hearing about your wig experiences. I have horrid hair and have often thought of going the way of wigs but worried about the Florida heat. You'll be in my thoughts on Monday. Visualize healthy cells getting the back up forces needed to wage war. First treatment fortifies. Following treatments will take the sick cells down. Once that's done, your body will begin to rebuild so your healthy eating is EXACTLY what it needs. Good for you for pacing yourself, too. {{HUGS}}

Jinn May 09, 2021

You take care. Sounds like you are getting well prepared.

Jeepsy19 May 10, 2021

My thoughts are with you today! ❤

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