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  • April 17, 2021, 9:29 a.m.
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First off, thank you all for your kind and up building comments as they have really encouraged me. I shared the results with a friend who is an oncology nurse and she was also very encouraging. Of course I will really feel much better once I see the dr and a plan has been discussed but until then, I will try and star upbeat and positive.

I am seriously considering selling my house. It is very economical for me to stay here, it is paid for, taxes are low and of course since the fire, everything inside is new. However, even tho things are different, there are too many memories. The housing market is a sellers one right now and my son’s cousin who is a realtor, has been saying I could get a lot for my house. Of course being a sellers market, where would I go so I resisted the idea. The other morning I received an email stating a property matched my description (a few years ago we had been thinking of moving so I guess my info was still there). Anyway, it looked nice, the area is completely away from here and yet I would still be close enough to my son alth a little further from my daughter. I found another one also so I am considering two and if the numbers work, just might go for it. My nephew is coming over this afternoon to discuss things. I know people can not tell me what to do but I value opinions. My therapist and my sister both think it would be a good idea and would help in my healing process as I still am struggling with what happened with Jeff. Anyway your thoughts are also appreciated.

coffeemate April 17, 2021

Starting over fresh sounds like a good idea. I would just caution you to not take too much on while you are in treatment. I hope you can make a plan that takes care of both your physical and mental health.

ConnieK April 17, 2021

It has been over a year since Jeff left and they say you should wait a year before making huge changes. I say go for it if you feel ready.

Jeepsy19 April 21, 2021

I can tell you from my own experience that I really didn't start any kind of healing over Chris until I moved out and into my apartment. I am SO thankful I decided to let him keep that house. The memories would have been too much for me. Every time I looked around that house all I could think about were all the memories that I WANTED to have there but that never materialized. My opinion would be that if it makes sense financially and you won't be adding stress to your situation with your upcoming treatments, DO IT!

Jinn April 24, 2021

I would love to sell our house and move away from this city ; although we live on the outskirts. There is something therapeutic about starting over. You have to sort everything out and you can change . However moving is extremely stressful and so is the buying process. Make sure you are up for that since you have other things going on . Also some place new may not be as economical and that has to be a consideration. Whatever you decide , I am sending positive thoughts!

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