Final test result in Daily life

  • April 16, 2021, 5:21 p.m.
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Saw the final test result from John Hopkins and it looks like I have stage1B. I see the dr a week from Monday and hopefully a treatment plan can be discussed. From my research, it would probably be radiation but we shall see. I am trying not to stress too much about it.

Jodie April 16, 2021

I hope the treatment is better then that, something like a nice hot bath or shower....

coffeemate April 16, 2021

Hang in there! You are strong - you got this!

ConnieK April 16, 2021

Radiation is easier than chemo from what others who've had both have told me. 1B is still very early. You'll deal with it and we'll be here to smother you with love and support. {{HUGS}}

Jinn April 17, 2021

Hugs. I am sorry you have to have it at all .

Jeepsy19 April 21, 2021

No stage of cancer is "good" - some are better than others but never "good". I'm sorry you're facing this. Looks like you've got tons of support here for whatever comes next. You got this girl!!

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