Surgery in Poetry is the Window to the Soul...

  • April 15, 2021, 7:36 p.m.
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Today because Disability is full of con artists and idiots I had the 8 titanium screws and titanium plate removed from my left knee then a total knee replacement of the left knee.

Another surgery in the books.

Now to learn to walk again.


Deleted user April 15, 2021

What does that have to do with Disability being full of con artists?

LoveSuicide Deleted user ⋅ April 15, 2021

Oh, they've claimed after being on disability for my leg problems that happened as a kid for the past 15 years that I'm suddenly not disabled because I've shown medical improvement.

It's a con just to try and get people off disability whether it's legit or not. Been battling them well over a year. All my doctors agree I can't work until it's actually fixed. It's so dumb.

Think I explained it in an entry a while back but who knows maybe I didn't. Sorry about that.

Deleted user LoveSuicide ⋅ April 15, 2021

It's OK. I was just confused. I hope things improve for you.

LoveSuicide Deleted user ⋅ April 19, 2021

Is everything alright for you I hope? Best wishes.

36blue May 21, 2021

Hope you’ll update! And that you’re healing well.

36blue June 25, 2021

Any update? Hope all is well

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