Discreetly in Dreams

  • April 8, 2021, 3:23 p.m.
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It starts out with me driving from Texas to where I lived in Missouri, but I’m not sure why I was going there. I remember thinking somethig about needing to be on either highway 42 or highway 67 to get there, though I didn’t either of those highways when I went there before.

When I got there, I recognized it as the town I lived in, though none of the details were correct. This was a much smaller, old fashioned town, with old storefronts and red brick streets. I then start walking around, and suddenly I’m working on a door. I shifted in and out of working to going out. At one point, I see someone I recognize,and walk over to her. It’s ZG.

She looks and sounds mostly as I remember her, but her hair is darker, and she’s with another girl. Apparently they’re dating. There are bits of conversation, with her, then with both of them, just general life conversation and catching up. She’d been married, but no longer, and is now with this new girl. They seem to go well together.

As her girlfriend walks in and out of the conversation, ZG takes the opportunity to quietly talk to me about something happening between us. I remember wondering if she did this often, or was it just me. I’m hesitant, but slowly agree to the idea. Then I get close to her like a hug, and whisper as quietly as I can in her right ear: “If you’re with her, how are me and you supposed to....” ZG: “Discreetly.”

We carried on back to normal conversation as I started working again, till the scene changes to something where we’re alone in a quiet, dimly lit room. As she puts her arms around my neck, the dream ends.

My mind is an odd place.

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