Covid in Daily life

  • April 7, 2021, 12:22 p.m.
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One of my friends, who is a home health aide and very anti vaccine, tested positive for Covid and is pretty sick. A few months before Covid became “known” she and her husband were very sick with respiratory issues. She claims that they probably had Covid before it made news here. I asked her if she felt like she did back then, she said no, worse. I feel really bad that she is so sick. She is 67 and her husband a couple of years older and is on heart medication. He is going to have to get tested as well. They both still work part time and she has said numerous times that they are both always going to have to work because their jobs never offered any type of pension. They don’t live extravagantly, have always rented and have a son who is bi-polar and has alcohol and other health/mental issues (a big reason why she is anti vaccine because she says that when he was a baby and got the required shots, he had bad reactions) who they have tried to help but is in no position to be able to help them, in fact he is in jail right now for getting duis and being behind in paying his court costs and then getting new duis. She will have a loss of income for awhile. Makes me thankful that my house is paid for, have adequate resources in that being laid up for awhile won’t hurt me financially and my children are quite capable of helping me when needed. I had some Greek chicken orzo soup frozen so a mutual friend is going to stop by later and get it for her. I am glad I had that as I am limited right now in what I can do but at least I can do that.

Jodie April 07, 2021

I hope these people will not get any sicker....

ConnieK April 07, 2021

That claim that vaccines cause autism are bogus. They are based on ONE study, done in the 1960s and has been debunked by every other expert in the field. Why does she latch on to one study and ignore all the others? If someone told her she could avoid cancer by cutting off her arm because one study said so, would she cut her arm off? It's crazy reasoning to me.

Jinn 7 days ago

How sad. It’s too bad she did not get the vaccine. I hope she recovers. I know this illness can be devastating physically and financially .

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