Excessive bail? in Life After 60

  • March 29, 2021, 10:09 a.m.
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The Eighth Amendment of the United States Constitution prohibits bail from being excessive. My question, what is excessive? Granted what may be excessive for one person may not be for another.
2 million dollar bail seems excessive, but if you have access to a few billion, that 2 million is pocket change. The issue comes from some crimes have a higher bail than others. And it appears that the judge is the deciding factor.
Then there is the whole cruel and unusual punishments shall not be inflicted. What is cruel and unusual? Pushing little wooden sticks under the fingernails comes to mind. So does pouring gasoline on someone and lighting a match.
Or how about the whole, innocent until proven guilty? Not so much these days since there are cameras and smartphones on every street of America. If you kill the President your bail and punishment will be far greater than if you killed a homeless person. Both lives are just as important, but society places a higher value on the President. And I still don’t believe Lee Harvey Oswald killed Kennedy!

Jodie March 29, 2021

I think that the higher the bail is the less likely one would be able to live daily life and needs to stay in jail. I think that is fair...You do the crime you do the time. But then bail can be denied so then what does one do? Argue with the judge that it's not fair?

Douglas Kinney Jodie ⋅ March 30, 2021

Yeah, arguing with a Judge, that's the smart thing to do! I just think in some cases it is unjust.

Jodie Douglas Kinney ⋅ March 30, 2021

It is but it's always for a reason and most people can't figure out the reason.

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