Speed Redux in Reconnaissance

  • March 27, 2021, 8:59 a.m.
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I had a personal chauffeur to drive me until end 2018 for almost six years. When I came to this place and got to stay close to work without much going-around, I gave up the car decided to live without a car with occasional dependence on Uber. Came Covid lock down and was required to meet boss at different place than the office. Since Uber was off the road I used to engage rented car for my weekly journeys. Boss was hyper paranoid at those initial days and every time he would ask me how did you travel and how you know that the driver is not infected. His concerns showed on is face from a distance of 15 feet here the chair would be placed. After he repeated the question a third time, I decided to fall in line and requisitioned a car from the pool which some officer might have surrendered while moving. I started driving and it was a little learning curve, obviously. I was itching to drive long to meet someone but each plan was scuttled with some kind of curfew and restriction on inter-state traffic etc. I changed that car to a better car from the pool and again made up to undertake the journey and as the planned day neared, the rule changed again and it meant a couple of RT-PCR while crossing. I had decided not to do any RT-PCR. Once more time too was a false start.

The fantasy of the adventure of meeting someone special (who might have forgotten me or discounted me out) in incognito with certain fictional plot in mind kept me refining the plan. Then it struck me that instead of driving used cars, I should acquire a new one and presto, I was glad I got it soon. There was no stopping me this time. I promised myself I would drive responsibly.

I could not sleep the night and anxious to go out before the city wakes up…I was up and about in my new car at 4 in the morning. Rest of the day, now I realize, I was almost in a spell. I drove down more than 700 kms with a couple of bio break and eating from what i carried from home as I did’t want to have any human contact. It was not express way all the way..and finally I was at her door. Took about 3 hours less than the google estimation....the week I spent with was like monsoon showers after a bad season of drought.

I promised I would not speed on way back as there was no destination involved. I did not remember that. It was maddening and I would realise it once in a while trying the brake at 160 or handling a sharp curve at 120 or more.

The car was baptized.

I made it back to where I am now and repented for two days being rash, imagining certain handling if it had gone wrong. I wish if there were daily driving was involved I could engage a chauffeur again and forget driving.

Would not have written this if I had not read Trish today about how she jumped a red light absent mindedly.

I would not be driving so, if she were beside me.

(and by the way, I had my first RT-PCR test done today as one of my personal staff at work tested positive; could not avoid it finally)

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