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  • March 21, 2021, 2 a.m.
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Here are some thing to think about and some of them are outside the box....
If you had no responsibilities what would you do?
Me I would be in bed all day watching mindless TV and drinking coffee

If you could would you go into the real world in your PJ’s?
Well I would also be wearing my robe because sometimes my PJ’s are a light color and things can be seen.

If you didn’t have any responsibilities how clean would your home be?
Mine would be so clean one could eat off the floor and drink the water in the toilet.

If you could go on strike how long would you go for?
I find it really hard to go on strike because I am always thinking about others and if I want to eat I know they do too and so it never really works. And also whatever I would do would benefit them also so there is no such word for me.

if wishes were horses would beggars really fly?
I have never ever seen that but it would be interesting.

And here is something that really makes you think. How many of these will you get right?

I got all of these right but I remember this from when I was younger.

Onto something else....

This coffee is sure going down a lot slower today and I don’t know why. This waking up really sucks and I should be woken up already after just one sip of coffee but I need like three cups before I can really think and hold sharp objects.
And I am always the first one awake because I like to have the time to not talk or have to listen to anyone or anything and then I can sort out what I want to do in the day and make the plans. But then because I wake up so early i always need that nap after hubby goes to work and on his weekends I go after breakfast and when I wake up I am ready to start but only after at least one coffee.

Onto something else…
Today is my son’s birthday and he will be spending it with him and his roommate because of the Covid restrictions but I will be calling him later. I just wish I could have gotten him something but this year he told me he wants nothing so I didn’t get him anything. I need to know what to get someone because the chances of getting them something I want is always wrong. And then they never use it.
My idiot sister in law is like that. she hasn’t talked to either hubby or me in more than 6 years so when she gets gifts she only gets for him and not me because she doesn’t talk to me for a reason I have no idea why. but then we haven’t even talked to try to fix whatever I did but I have a feeling it’s because of my son when she allowed him to stay at her place when he was in-between homes. I also have an idiot brother in law who also doesn’t talk to me and that is really sad because it would be nice to be able to call him up and chit chat about nothing but because of his work schedule it’s hard to know because he doesn’t even know when his weekends are till his gets his work times and he never tells hubby.
I am so glad hubby gets the same two days off because then we can plan our appointments and our outings especially with family. Like this weekend he wants to get a hair cut and maybe do some grocery shopping and we get to do this together which is nice because we get to breathe the fresh air and see more colors then the white walls we have here at home. And when we do go out we often order in just so I don’t have to mess up my kitchen and plus it gives me a break from cooking.

Onto something else....
Well it’s time for me to stop, still need more coffee and maybe I should go pee.. Oops sorry TMI didn’t mean to say that out loud.
behave and have a great day.

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