False Family.. in Dreams

  • March 25, 2021, 6:58 p.m.
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I had another dream the night before, but when I was recalling this one, I lost who I was talking to. She was someone I knew, brunette, light eyed, and fair skinned, but I can’t remember it now. Hence, why I should be logging these as soon as I wake up, not hours and hours (or days) later.

I’m not sure exactly where I was, by the people involved, I’m assuming Texas, but no where I immediately recognized, although everything was familiar. I was with KT’s sister.... given how my usual anonymity would mess this up, I’ll change hers to Tf, and it was a day of just general life. Nothing really special to it. From the way we talked, we were in a relationship, fairly deep one I think, but out of the honeymoon phase, and still good. We had gone shopping at a few places, had a lot of generic conversation, and went back out to help at someone’s house, but I’m not sure whose.

At one point while putting things away, I realize my uncle - the one I’ve never gotten along with - is also there, and I think he, Tf, and I are packing things up. At one point I find a handmade blanket and pillow, and he mentions he doesn’t know where he’s going to put it. I offered to “take it home and put it in one of those vacuum pack bags”. He snarks back with “No. I’ve got a lap for it.” I replied “I was just trying to make it easier for you to pack.” He just gave me his usual dead-eye glare, and I just walked off. He wasn’t being nice, but he was being at least half polite, which wasn’t how he was in real life.

At one point he’s bitching about something, I’m not sure what, and I wasn’t listening, although apparently I was supposed to be, and he got an attitude, and started to storm out of the room in a huff, like he did frequently. I got pissed off at him and basically scolded him like a 3 year old. “Look, you and I may never have really gotten along, but this is NOT the time or place for it. If you want to be a bitch, Tf and I have better things to do.” He got this defeated look on his face, and went back to going through the dresser drawers he was looking in before, and Tf and I went back to whatever it was we were doing.

The scene then changed to Tf and I in some little shop somewhere, full of just random things. It was kind of like a thrift store, but with new everyday products. Again, Tf and I were just having generic conversation as we shopped, and she mentioned something about doctors, and I got confused - I think - and asked her “Do you want me to call and make an appointment with Dr. (name forgotten) for you?” She looked startled, yet appreciative, and we continued on as we were, until I woke up.

Not gonna lie, I did have a crush on Tf way back when I was still around them. But I don’t think it would ever have gone anywhere. Not that I’ve not wished it would have. But I’ve not thought about her in ages. I’ve also not given any thought to my c**t uncle. Basically, my grandma was the last person in my family I actually wanted around. When she passed away of cancer several years ago, I just wrote the rest of the lot off, and moved on with my life. Too much bullshit and dramatics that I don’t have time or patience for. Another reason I’m considering a legal name change to replace my last/family/surname, and probably middle name since that’s how most of them addressed me, to something that’s more me. I’ve narrowed that down to two possibilities, but anyway. I’ve not spoken to him since my grandma died, and I’ve not thought anything about him in far longer than it’s been since Tf crossed my mind.

I’m sure this dream means something, but I’ve been hit with too much in the last couple of weeks to give a shit what it means.

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