I think I Am Going More Crazy in Newbie

Revised: 03/19/2021 12:18 p.m.

  • March 19, 2021, 2 a.m.
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I swear i wrote an entry earlier and it is now gone even after I published it. And i went back to the one I wrote yesterday and it’s there then when I try the next button it says there are no more entries. So i am wondering what i am doing wrong or am I doing everything right and there is a glitch here that needs to be looked at?
Well I don’t mind re writing my entries because it is good therapy and I get to say even more.

There is a question I do want to ask and that is how do I change my book word? right now it says Newbie and I think it’s time to change it to something more appropriate.
Okay onto something else....
Today is Friday and I call this day “left over day” and that is when left overs are eaten for dinner and then I get to go get into bed and get all comfy and fall asleep and then start in the AM at 5:30 Am then start all over again after my nap.

I heard from the top doctors in both countries that by the summer everyone will get the vaccine if they want it so that is good. And the governments are considering allowing people to socialize if they have had the vaccine and I think that is a great idea. And I also think that if you want to travel you need proof that you have had the vaccine then you won’t expose anyone else.
Onto something else.....
Okay my brain is now blank so it’s time for my nap....

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