Not a good day in Daily life

  • March 19, 2021, 8:05 a.m.
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Had a bad spot of pain today on my left side. Best way to describe it would be like a bad side sticker. I had taken a muscle relaxer and Tylenol but it was slow to kick in. To make matters worse, emotionally the day started off rough. Probably due to the upcoming surgery and biopsy. Finally pushed myself to get motivated and am feeling better.

One of the residents tested positive for Covid so only a nursing aide can attend to her, no kitchen staff. She feels fine, not sure how she contracted it cuz she hasn’t been out at all. I feel bad for her because a couple of weeks ago, she contracted the shingles!

Hope you all are having a good day mine has gotten better.

Jinn March 19, 2021

Sorry you had a rough day. You are entitled . Hugs!
Having shingles is a sign she was stressed and immune system impaired ; so that resident was probably more vulnerable to the virus, which we know is everywhere now :-( I hope she recovers from it easily . People in nursing homes are always at such risk .

ConnieK March 19, 2021

Shingles AND Covid? That sounds like a tough battle, too. Hope you feel better soon, too. {{HUGS}}

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