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  • March 17, 2021, 8:26 a.m.
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But not for too long. Today is day one of my journey to thinness and to true happiness and no more feeling like a blob that is going no where fast. Today is going to be the hardest day because everything I do I will be thinking about what not to eat and to start drinking water.
It’s weird how you can look at yourself and be so discussed and wonder how you got like this and no matter what you tell yourself it’s just a lame excuse that doesn’t hold much. I do know that I tell myself all kinds of excuses and all of them are not relevant. The first one is because of Covid and not going out. the second one is that bag of chips tastes so good and I want it. And then you get people who you haven’t seen in a while and they just look at you like your some sort of multi colored person who has a horn sticking out o your head and they just shake their head.
But I do know what to do and I will do it. And fortunately for me I do like fruit and vegetables and can and will eat a lot of them. And next time I go grocery shopping I will be getting me some of my favorite yogurt and a lot more fruit and vegetables. As long as i pretend I don’t have the chips and the sugar stuff I will be fine and it’s rally easy for me to stay away from anything and everything that comes in a box and is edible. Fortunately toilet paper and tinfoil are okay to have because it’s kind of hard to eat those.
And I will not be telling anyone what the numbers on the scale is till I am at my goal weight. And I will not be picking an end date because this time I need to do this nice and slow so my body will get use to the better eating.
Onto something else....

I have a question for you? has anyone ever cleaned their bathtub or shower or toilet with a mop? I am thinking of doing that because having my knees on the floor is a bitch and getting up is getting to be really hard. I figure it can’t be any less dirty then using a cloth and cleanser? Why no just use the cleanser and mop? And I think a mop will do a better job because it’s more area then a cloth. I will let you know how it works when I clean my bathroom.

I talked to my mom yesterday but then I talk to my mom almost everyday and not much is ever said but at least i know she is surviving this Covid and she loves the fact that she doesn’t see anyone or go anywhere. Her and I can not understand why it’s so hard not to be with anyone when you have the phone or social media. And what people don’t realize is just because you don’t have the Covid virus doesn’t mean that someone else has the start of it and doesn’t show any symptoms but later they do. I know I would feel really guilty if I exposed someone to it and they ended up sick and in the ICU in an induced coma and then the side effects with their lungs and heart wreak havoc on them for the rest of their life. When the top doctors tell you to wear a mask and social distance and not to travel unless it’s for work and go to only essential places they are telling you this for a reason and you need to take their word for it because these top doctors are the ones with the science degrees and the PHD’s so they mist know something we don’t. And now they are saying we have to be more diligent because of the 4 variants that are in the world and each day more and more people are getting it and you get sicker then just having Covid. But if we just follow the rules we will get threw this and we will soon forget we even went through this. And who knows maybe we will all laugh in later years?

When my mom tells me something it is fact and she does know what she is talking about. And she gets her information from the people who actually know whatever the topic is plus she fact checks.

Onto something else....
Well I think it’s that time where I stop here and start getting started on my day, well such as it is anyways. do have a great day and I will be back.

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