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  • March 16, 2021, 3 a.m.
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I think maybe it’s time for me to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about me. And the changes I am going to be making so i will feel like I have actually accomplished something in my life.
The one thing I am really good at is loosing weight and I do it faster then some because I am such a stickler about what I eat and how much. and once I make up my mind I just do it and everyday I feel so much better about myself and don’t feel like I am this fat blob who is always sore and should be taking some sort of pill to pretend to forget I am fat and ugly.
Sometime people listen and look at me like I am some sort of nut case when i am telling them why I can’t or won’t and then that is it for having something in common with others.
So what i have decided is I am going to loose this weight so I don’t look like I am this chuck of fat just bouncing when I walk. And maybe my boobs will be just a handful. I am pretty sure men prefer that? Please correct me if I am wrong.
The first thing I am going to do is not eat anything that comes in a box or a plastic package or bag and I will be eating a lot more fruit and vegetable and maybe even trying stuff I didn’t like years ago, I might like them because I tried them again for the first time (Kellogg’s commercial)
The hard part will be not eating any carbs because my favorite is pasta, rice and potatoes So it will be a challenge for about a month but soon it won’t even seem weird it will be a natural thing. And then the second thing i will do once I have lost some weight is start walking up hill more. Fortunately for me no matter which way I go it’s up hill both ways.
The one thing i don’t get is if people are so unhappy with themselves why don’t they try to fix what is wrong? I mean it’s no different then asking the doctor for more pills if it makes you not in pain so why not do the other things these professionals tell you?
I want to tell you a true story that was told to me today. there was this lady who is about the same age as me and she was in this horrible car accident and was in a wheelchair for a lot of years. Then with rehab and exercise she is now walking. She went from something like 140 pounds to over 200 pounds and then one day she just looked at herself probably in a mirror and was really disgusted with herself and decided right then and there she was going to loose her weight. And today she weighs 135 pounds and eats no carbs and no packaged food or food that is in boxes and nothing white or brown for that natter. And when she goes grocery shopping she just shops the perimeter of the grocery store and she walks everywhere. She can’t drive so walking is her only mode of transportation.
But the thing with change is that it’s one of the hardest things people do and not many people are willing to even try. these are the people you can’t even feel sorry for them when they complain that their medication isn’t working. I figure if you move more then you won’t hurt as much. yes it takes time but what else do you got?
When I hurt I try not to take medication for it right away. I try to do other things like maybe eat something because sometimes it’s because I haven’t eaten or I go for a walk and get the blood flowing and then I always feel better. It’s all about attitude and if you want it bad enough. And there comes a time when people just stop caring about you and figure you want to be this way and get even more crippled and fat.
So this is my journey and I will loose all my weight. I still need to weigh myself and tomorrow will be the day and then hopefully by my birthday I will have lost maybe 20 pounds.

Onto something else.....
I would like to thank the people who are on my friends list and the notes that they left and answered all of my questions. I really like it here and I like the idea of the block button but I have noticed that if the entries are members only or friends only that the block option doesn’t work. I have noticed that there are people who deleted me at OD and I thought it would be best for me to block them before they find me and start harassing me or reporting me.
I am here just to make friends and to write my thoughts. And please don’t attack me for what I say because if I type it I feel it and that is all I am looking for unless I ask for your thoughts. The thing with me is if I feel like I am being attacked I will react but at the same time I will tell you my reason for saying why I said it. And if you get mad at me the least you can do is tell me so I can defend myself and explain. I think that is fair and they will let you defend yourself in a court of law.
Onto something else....
This is it for now....do have a great night and see you all in the AM.

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