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  • March 16, 2021, 1 a.m.
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It’s so nice to come to a place where there are no toxic people and where I can say anything I want except for what the law won’t allow and to know that I am not being ghosted. I hate that and I think it’s creepy. So please don’t do that to me because I don’t do it to others. But if you want to know what I am talking about go to OD and read tetemarina and mammaqueenie518 and you will see what they say about me. I am not sure why they think I am mean because everyone I know here and in real life tell me I am a true sweetheart and I am a caring person. But if I have a beef with you I will tell you and call it as it is. just ask kat we have been on line friends for more then 20 years and we are at the point that we can say anything and everything to each other. And the last time we had any conflict it only took a few days to fix and we are leaving all that back in history. This is what a true friendship is all about.
have you ever had a huge fight with your siblings or even your parents? Didn’t they often tell you they love you and that you are a great sibling? And are you not getting along now better then ever or almost ever? But if you did have a falling out at least you don’t talk to them and they don’t bring up crap they just ignore you? Why can’t more people learn to do that?

Okay on to something else.....
I have a question? if I need to ask a question or report someone is there away to talk to the head honchos here the ones who maintain this site? And where is it I can contact them?
And are there any rules that I should know about that will not allow me to express what I need to say especially to people who are being idiots? Can I tell them in world or do I have to pretend to be polite? And what are the banned words I can not use?

Onto something else....
So it looks like this Covid rules are going to soon non existent because they are saying by July that life will be back to normal but I have a feeling that travel will still be not allowed till the rest of the world gets their vaccines but still at least we beat this thing. And for those of us who managed not to get sick and end up in the ICU must have done something right unlike those especially here in B.C. where I live were idiots and got sick. Where I live has the most cases because people just don’t get the science. But what will be really interesting is to see how many cases there will be after Spring break and those states that have ignored the science. I hope all those people get sick and have to self isolate that should learn them to listen to the science. I can understand people have to work but they need to work safely and that is the key.

Onto something else....
Canada now has 4 vaccines to give to the population and I also heard that the WHO has deemed the J&J vaccine as safe and it’s only one shot so that will be good. And our distribution of vaccines are going much faster then the governments thought so that is good. I just want this to be over so i can get back to the mall and go into my favorite stores. I miss that. I think once this is all over and the masks are not needed I am going to get mine bronzed and hang it on my wall. Kind of like bronzing your first baby shoes. But I am thinking gold instead.

Onto something else.....
Well I have nothing more to say for now so I will stop here......
Do have a great day and do be safe and do behave or not.....

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