Spring Has Sprung in Life After 60

  • March 16, 2021, 8:36 a.m.
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It’s not quite the Spring Equinox but Spring weather has finally arrived, along with its cast of characters known in our parts as Thunderstorms and Tornadoes. Yes, a 1/4 inch snow can paralyze us, but bring on a tornado and we will sit in our lawn chairs, holding our umbrella in one hand and our beer in the other screaming, bring it!
It’s the adrenaline rush. Man versus nature. And nature wins most of the time. Of course, April is the beginning of our Tornado season, but we have had them as late as December and as early as January. Those of us who live in Tornado Alley are accustomed to this beast. Throw a Hurricane in our midst, we’d go nuts! 60 mile an hour sustained winds? We are looking for a hidey-hole.
Add an earthquake to the mix and you have a recipe for insanity. We’ve had very few in our area. Our version of a bad day would be ice, snow, thunderstorms, and tornado in a 24 hour period. Extreme weather but we have had it.
So now, with Spring upon us, we adapt....Bring on the rain!

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