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  • March 15, 2021, 3 a.m.
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Well so far I like it here. I have noticed that there are a lot of people from OD here and I hope to reconnect with them because I really enjoyed reading them and they have so much to offer.
I just hope that those who have deleted me from OD won’t go telling the support people that I am a horrible person. I have learned in recent weeks that people go through different things and maybe when they react they are reacting to a situation and then realizing that they need to apologize. But then there are those people who are just too stuck up and too spoiled. And they think they are better then everyone else.
While I am here those who I know dislike me I will have nothing to do with them and will not say a word to them because they think that they are the next best thing to Kraft cheese. But the thing is that I have my own personal thoughts about them and it has nothing to do with what they write or what they say…it’s all about their attitude and they are all stuck up.
I like to think that I am pretty good at just leaving things alone but what I don’t like is how some people just re-hash the crap that happened twenty years ago or even yesterday. it happened and life needs to go forward.
And if you attack me I am going to attack you because I think my side should be said also. it’s not fair that one side is always right and the other side never gets a word in edge wise.
How does that go…Do unto others as you would want them to do to you or is it with you?

By the way I have a question for you....
If it’s okay to give sex away then why is it not okay to sell it? and why is it okay to make porn movies but you can’t have a collection of naked pictures on your tech toys?
Anyways…Until Next Time…Behave Or Not.

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