Dr. Seuss Offends? in Life After 60

  • March 3, 2021, 12:28 p.m.
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Our society has lost its collective mind. Walt Disney never released “Song of The South” in the US. Now we add to the list Dr. Seuss. Oh, and let’s not forget the Christmas song, “Baby, it’s cold outside.”
Freedom of speech died a few years back. And sexual harassment sank to new lows. If it offends or is unwelcomed you could lose your job or worse, land in jail. Don’t get me wrong, I am not advocating the degrading of women, I am just saying some of the things we could say as kids will land you in prison.
When did we become so sensitive? For all you country music fans out there, take a listen to Brad Paisley’s “Kung Pao Buckaroo Holiday”. It’s sad but this is what America has become! Personally, I am too dang old to change! But then, I don’t like the thought of prison either.

Silver Satan March 03, 2021

Age should make change easier.
Baby it's cold outside is a feminist song if anything. I love explaining it to people who cry rape over it. XD It's hilarious.

Douglas Kinney Silver Satan ⋅ March 05, 2021

It should, but us old folks have the mentality of I have had to put up with this crap for way too long and I am too darn old to change or care! Shouldn't we ban Lucy In The Skies with Diamonds?

Silver Satan Douglas Kinney ⋅ March 06, 2021

lol I think banning shit is one of the biggest problems. I love this idea that it is improper to have racism/sexism in the past... as though erasing it entirely will do any good and no harm. This is precisely why we have a damn "Nazi" situation forming in the US. Whitewash the past and watch it repeat. Which is of course what the government is probably aiming for. A public that knows nothing and relies only on them until it cannot be sustained without the government telling them what they can and cannot do and how.
Older people have just enough exposure to actual war, and political conflict to know better. And while not all older people know better, and not all young people are idiots there is a certain divide between what both know and do not know (on both sides).
If both are not capable of learning from the other then the world tumbles down. Empathy and understanding must be given in both directions. That does indeed require a certain amount of tolerance.

Pies on a Carousel March 03, 2021

I'm not sure if I find any of his work offensive, but it's worth pointing out that Dr Seuss's wife committed suicide because she was so distraught after finding out he was having an affair. I feel like for some reason that's not a terribly well-known fact.

Deleted user March 03, 2021

wait what? lol what did Dr Seuss do?

lol @ Song of the South

Azrael March 03, 2021

I don't agree with a lot of which you write but this I 100% agree with, people have lost their minds! I would have to re-read some of these to even know what they're talking about but baby its cold outside is a FREAKING song about it being cold, and him not wanting her to leave and that's it?

faded memories March 03, 2021

I’m not a proponent of canceling anyone. Walt Disney, Dr Suess, our founding fathers, hell even Martin Luther King Jr all had some serious issues and were not perfect people. I think we should be able to say when people in the past made mistakes and then learn from them. It doesn’t mean we have to throw out all their work but we should be able to criticize them without being called sensitive snowflakes. But the extent to which some people go is too far.

Douglas Kinney faded memories ⋅ March 05, 2021

Faded memories, or in my case foggy memories. Neat handle regardless.

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