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  • Feb. 26, 2021, 7:47 a.m.
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All those applied to yesterday. The good was that I picked up two shifts at the AL place.

Not so good is I finally heard from one of the supervisors. She apologized for not getting back to me last week. I am still employed but she doesn’t see them needing me in the foreseeable future. They finally hired another full time person (she actually worked them until two years ago when her husband was transferred out of state, now he is transferred back). There are only 4 judges sitting and the rule of thumb was two clerks for each judge and they actually have 9 clerks altho the one clerk doesn’t go to all court proceedings. They also have some clerks working from home certain days. She said possibly in the summer when people go on vacation and she will be going out on maternity leave the end of July. I told her that I wouldn’t look for anything until June or so as I am supposed to have a hysterectomy April or June. To tell you the truth, I don’t see myself going back but we shall see.

Angry at Jeff and I mean really feeling angry at him.

Hoping today will be better but it is not starting off well. During the night I would get a pain inside when I breathe and then my collarbone and neck started hurting . My family doctor had ordered xrays about two weeks ago which I was going to go for today (walk-in) but now not sure if I want to see if he will do another script for my collarbone or say I just should go to the ER. Oh and let us add to that the bleeding has picked up even tho the medication the gynecologist gave me seemed to lessen it a bit but during the night it started getting heavier. Of course he isn’t in on Fridays! Just shoot me!🥴🥴🤤🤤

ConnieK February 26, 2021

Get the operation behind you first. There's a healing period afterward.

I'm mad at Jeff, too. And his sneaky girlfriend. I hope they break up, he needs you for some emergency, and has to admit he acted like a weasel.

Jinn March 04, 2021

Hugs! That is a rough day!

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