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  • Feb. 20, 2021, 8:50 a.m.
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Fair warning, I’m.getting ready for bed, and have already taken my pills. So, if this becomes unintelligible.... Sorry.

I have certain things I’m kinda set on about work. I always wear safety boots, even though they’re heavy and the sole guard freezes my feet in cold weather. I never wear shorts, always Carhart’s or at least jeans. I try to avoid going in or through a customer’s house as best I’m able. Well… Some of that went out the window this week.

A new trend is these aluminum framed glass garage doors. Mostly either black or silver frames with frosted glass. They’re getting really common on modem homes, especially on high end homes. Because of how much light they let in, they’re now being used for more than just garage doors. People are putting them on the back of their house to basically open a wall to the outdoors during good weather or parties. Others have scaled it back a bit, and use them as a kitchen window, especially if they have an outdoor kitchen, cause it’s a simple pass across from indoor to outdoor, or verse vysa.

I went to put finishing touches on one of these indoor garage doors this week, in a customer’s kitchen. In my industry, I do a little of all of it, and I enjoy the variety. As much as I don’t do change well, that’s something I prefer to not be routine. It was small simple stuff, like mounting handles and locks, and putting the seal on the top of the door. I found it probably more amusing than I should have. As set as I am about some work things, there I am, in a customer’s kitchen, standing sock-footed on the counter top (yes, I wiped down before I left), working on a “kitchen window”. I had a bit of a chuckle about that. It was a little more amusing because I remember a bit of a dream a couple days prior where I was working on something in a kitchen, but I can’t remember what.

This depression is killing me. I’ve been aggravating myself about getting things packed and stuff done around here so I can move, but getting free time and feeling like I’m covered in steel weights. Had I been farther along in this packing and painting project, I wouldn’t have missed out on a really nice house in Texas, on several acres, with a few good outbuildings. Would have worked out great for me. I was about to email the listing agent my list of questions about the property when I got an email from Zillow. That house is now pending sale.

This is not my life. 🤬

Mr. Mofo February 20, 2021

Would it help you get out of your depression if you did you tube videos teaching rubes like me how to do handyman stuff?

He Who Must Not Be Named Mr. Mofo ⋅ February 20, 2021

I have a channel, but it's also affected by this crap.

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