2nd shot in Daily life

  • Feb. 19, 2021, 9:57 a.m.
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Had the 2nd shot yesterday and am feeling fine. We were told to drink a lot of water which I did but then of course I was going to the bathroom a lot, lol!

I have developed another issue and am facing a hysterectomy sometime in April/May. Went thru menopause about 10 years ago, no issues. Five years later I woke up to blood and cramps which lasted about a two days and dr did an ultrasound which came back negative and said it was probably a dissolving fibroid and I was fine. Five years ago it happened again, original gyro had retired so saw a new one. He did a procedure and was upset that the original dr only did the ultrasound but never took the rest of the fibroid, if that is really what it was out. He did a procedure, removed the whatever it was and everything came back negative. Since I was taking a cancer drug, anastrozole (?) thought might be related to that. He put me on estrogen. A year later had to go thru the same thing but since I was ready to stop the cancer drug, I could stop taking estrogen. Again, all testing came back negative. He had mentioned to me that if this kept happening might want to consider a hysterectomy. Well last year, about two weeks after Jeff again left abruptly I started with lower left side abdominal pain. Went thru X-ray and cat scan as well as seeing a colon specialist Nd they all think it is my uterus. Gyro thinks not but decided let’s rule that out. Gave me a steroid shot for the pain which didn’t really help and I started off and on spotting. He ended up doing another procedural, again negative results but since that time I have had spotting and occasional period type blood which he said was normal. Thing is it has been a month since the procedure and I never had that issue before. The other day I started bleeding heavy and passing clots. He put me on a medication for 20 days and is going to schedule me for the hysterectomy. Again he is not as worried as I am. I really like him and trust him. Jeff had liked him too. Unfortunately, I will have to have the procedures about an hour and a half away. One of my friends will go with me. It did stir up angry feelings about Jeff because I have to do this alone. If he has a medical issue, he has someone to be with, I do not but I don’t want to dwell on that.

Sorry this has gotten so long. At least the bleeding has stopped and I haven’t had any adverse reactions to the Covid shot. Think I should have immunity in two weeks so those are positive things and my gynecologist ‘s manner is also reassuring. He is somewhat of a maverick but I feel very comfortable with him. He did say he would find someone locally to do the hysterectomy but like I said I trust him. He has other patients who have traveled the distance for him to do the surgery so that says something too. He still has a local office just doesn’t do surgeries down here anymore. It will be ok.

Jinn February 20, 2021

Hoping this is just a simple hyster .. Glad you have someone who can be with you . Once this is done you won’t have to worry about this anymore.

ConnieK February 25, 2021

I went through the heavy flow and clots. The doc said it was fibroids and it was best to get them out. I had her take everything. Fewer places for cancer to grow.

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