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  • Feb. 16, 2021, 10:31 a.m.
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I am officially a student again. I’d better get my round sunglasses, converses and black clothes again!

When I had to fill in the “why do you want to do this” section of the entry I resisted writing, “because I’m bored senseless” which is definitely one of the reasons! This course really has come at a good time.

Anyway, it (exercise and nutrition) consists of three units (one per month for three months). Each unit has five sections. The first one is due in on the 1st March. Since I started yesterday afternoon I’ve done three sections. It’s all online so you have various interactive slides (usually 30-40) to watch/read/rearrange etc then at the end there are assessment questions to answer.

So the set up feels very “primary” with a sentence that you have to choose the correct words to fill in the gaps and perky people giving you pieces of quite basic information via video clips. And then there’s information that I hadn’t considered before, mainly in the “barriers to exercise” part because I’ve never really considered things to be barriers, just little hurdles.

The nutrition section is also interesting and it made me think about how nutrition advice changes regularly with new scientific discoveries. When I was kid and my mum went on diets the advice was (booming demon voice) PASTA IS EVIIIIIL. Then, when I started being more conscious of what I ate the magazines were all (cute, squeaky voice but with a very pointed expression) *eat aaaalllllll the pasta you want but fat is a teensy bit demonic m’kay???” So we all cut out fat and utterly convinced ourselves that toast and jam is nicer without butter… no, really… it… is??

Then of course, carbs became Lucifer’s best bud. Don’t touch the carbs but, heck, you can suck down a pint of cream with a straw!

Of course, it always boils back down to being aaaall about balance.

There was a section on smoking, drugs and alcohol. Heck, am I glad I never smoked!! I’m not even going to go into the short and long term effects but, Holy crap! I’ve always known but without the detailed reasons!

Anyway, so I’m learnin’ again and not just from podcasts 👩‍🎓 yay!

thesunnyabyss February 16, 2021

I started a free class a little while ago and the instructors sounded like they were talking to kindergarten kids, I just couldn't do it, lol,

I hope you enjoy the rest of the course, will this give you a certificate to practice?

ermentrude thesunnyabyss ⋅ February 16, 2021

No, this is the first step towards being able to do that. I can’t back out of the course. It’s free as long as you finish it; if you stop you have to pay for it. Motivation of sorts!

thesunnyabyss ermentrude ⋅ February 16, 2021

that is good motivation, the class I started was just general interest, it was free,

Lis February 16, 2021

I wish I'd never smoked :(

~Twinkle~ February 16, 2021

Sounds very interesting! X

Jinn February 18, 2021

I never had any desire to smoke and I am glad. My nutrition and exercise leave a lot to be desired :-(

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