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  • Feb. 15, 2021, 8:55 p.m.
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So I’ve not done much over the weekend. It was entirely too cold for me. It started snowing on Friday night, and didn’t stop until late last night. I used to like the snow, but I’m at the point that I can’t deal with it anymore. I miss the warm weather.

Only thing that happened over the weekend was I went to the grocery store, thought I lost my wallet, came home, cancelled my debit and credit card, then woke up this morning, and it was under my knit cap sitting on the night stand. The one place I didn’t look. Tore apart the house, the truck, the van, and the car, but no. Then today is a bank holiday, so I couldn’t get a replacement debit card. Yeah.

My van is also only rear wheel drive, and I live and work in an area with a ton of hills. I did a fair bit of sliding around. My coworker barely made it into the driveway where we were installing, and I couldn’t make it up the hill to the driveway. I also almost couldn’t make it out of the neighborhood. Then of course the cold is causing problems with my neck again, so I had to come home and take a very hot bath to stop the pain. At least that worked.

I still have to go to the grocery store. I’ll go shortly. Just wanted to update quickly.

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