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  • Feb. 13, 2021, 3:09 p.m.
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Seattle is having our once or twice yearly snowstorm. It’s been teasing us for weeks, but it finally happened! It did ruin some plans I had - I was going to meet a friend at the gym and then have a bitch-sesh about her boyfriend. But the roads were too bad for her to make it. In this area each city has one (1) snowplow if they’re lucky. So if you live in any sort of area off the main roads, or have any hills, you’re stuck until it melts basically. We’re gonna have a Zoom chat tonight and hopefully will be able to make it to the gym tomorrow.

I made some progress on the crazy doctor’s office situation. The doctor’s office in question called me a couple times and left messages saying they weren’t going to give me my test results unless I made an appointment, because I was due for one. I did not feel comfortable doing that given what happened. I pinged the patient relations email again to see if they had any response for me after my complaint. A woman ended up calling me about it, and she was really great. She said she spent the majority of her day investigating the issue.

In my complaint, I tried my best to keep specific quotes and politics out of it. I didn’t want them to think that I was offended by the fact that I disagreed with the person. I also ran the risk that the person reading the complaint would agree with the woman’s rant that I overheard. The woman on the phone asked for specific quotes, so I gave them, and she started laughing through some of it due to the ridiculousness. She was like “I’m so sorry, it was so unprofessional to laugh.. but.. wow”. She also arranged for a doctor to give me my test results by phone after the phone call with her.

I think this pretty much wraps up my relationship with that clinic. It was a sleep clinic, and my test results were at an okay place, so I don’t really need anything more from them. If ever I need a sleep doctor again, I’ll just go elsewhere.

Here’s a random thought that keeps coming up.. and maybe I’ve talked about this before.. but sometimes I feel like my sense of humor is broken. I find very specific things funny, and it can be hard to get me going. I don’t think I’m actually a serious person in general - I LOVE silliness and with my friends I love to riff on absurdity. I listen to podcasts hosted by comedians that really get me going, I laugh with my friends, and I laugh at the internet daily, so I know I’m not totally dead inside.

But at work it happens ALL the time where someone will say something I find to be mildly interesting AT BEST, and completely boring at worst, but then a bunch of people will be lol’ing because it was super amusing to them. It’s just so disturbing when you’re not around people you vibe with and you just feel like a complete alien. It’s kind of like living in a bad sitcom!

Today is galentine’s day and I am feeling so grateful for female friendship. Last year I bought puppy and kitten valentines and we wrote them out for one another, while eating ice cream. The year before we went for brunch at one of our favorite spots. I miss my friends a lot.

Neogy Titwhistle February 13, 2021

Yeah, humor. I watched every episode of Parks & Rec and didn't even feel a possible chuckle. On the other hand-"You picked me up at the airport in a meth lab?" Hilarious!

Emily Neogy Titwhistle ⋅ February 13, 2021

Haha, I really like parks and rec!

He Who Must Not Be Named February 13, 2021

I have a horrible sense of humor. Dry, sarcastic, and innapropriate. As in a coworker is into SciFi, and said his wife was in a good mood and enjoyed The Mandalorian. My immediate response was "so you're thinking Yoda impersonation 'Mmmm blowjob I get' then." He laughed, and another co-worker almost shot coffee out his nose. It was only mildly funny to me. Glad I made them laugh, though.
I'm in SnoCo, near a main road, and they've not plowed or sanded my street since this started. I could probably get my truck out, but my car is stuck in the driveway. It looks pretty now, but sadly it'll be disgusting tomorrow. XD

Wrennie February 15, 2021

I feel you on the sense of humor. I hated it enough to teach myself to "social laugh"... so that at least I can try to "pass" when people are trying to be funny and they're just being annoying to me lol

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