Painting the sky at sunset in Daydreaming on the Porch

  • Feb. 11, 2021, 8:47 p.m.
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Iwas looking at the weather data to find the time of today’s sunset, although there will be no majestic display this evening. It’s leaden gray, cold and damp out. A classic winter day.

So I started to ponder sunsets and what a miracle they are and how inconceivable it is that they could be taken for granted. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it’s THE one spectacle in Nature and God’s world that everyone notices when they have a chance to witness one.

There’s nothing so awe-inspiring as to see the sun slowly lowering in the sky, gradually lighting up clouds and sky in multiple shades of yellow, blue, purple, orange and red. Then, just as gradually the colors start to fade, and darkness descends where just moments before a mind-blowing light show appeared.

I never forgot the time 40 years ago when in the middle of the worst episode of depression I ever had, I struggled to a fast food place to get something to eat. Turning around while in line I noticed a spectacular sunset lighting up the sky in back of the parking lot. The person in front of me saw it too and remarked, “How can anyone doubt the existence of God when you see something g like that?” In my depressed state those words penetrated to my very marrow.

I am blessed to have three near-perfect locations for viewing sunsets within five minutes of my house. Each one I witness is like a new miracle.

Sunsets I photographed recently:






Last updated February 13, 2021

ConnieK February 11, 2021

LOL! You and I are on the same wavelength. My latest entry ends with a sunset. :)

ConnieK February 11, 2021

You caught some good shots!

Queensuzu1 February 11, 2021

Awe inspiring.

Oswego Queensuzu1 ⋅ February 12, 2021

Thank you, sunsets truly inspire the highest level of awe at this majestic creation!

Abritelight February 11, 2021


Oswego Abritelight ⋅ February 12, 2021

Thank you!

Newzlady February 11, 2021

Which are more magnificent -- sunrises or sunsets??

Oswego Newzlady ⋅ February 11, 2021

That’s a good question. I think equally, whether the colors are spreading from high in the sky downward, or coming up from the horizon. I don’t see how they could be different qualitatively. However, since I’m never up early enough I see a sunrise, I can’t answer that question definitively! 🤔😌

Newzlady Oswego ⋅ February 12, 2021

I’m the same. I much prefer sunsets because of the time they occur! :)

mcbee February 11, 2021

Sunsets are my favorite. These are great.

Oswego mcbee ⋅ February 12, 2021

Many thanks!

Lady of the Bann February 12, 2021

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Jinn February 12, 2021

Sunsets over water are the best :-) I don’t stop to watch them often enough .

Jinn February 12, 2021

When we go to Florida we always make sure to stop whatever we are doing and head to the beach with drinks in hand to watch the sunset. Then we have dinner . We should do that at home too , but we don’t . It’s a lovely ritual.

Oswego Jinn ⋅ February 12, 2021

That is a perfectly delightful ritual, and one to savor and look forward to!

WhatDreamsMayCome February 12, 2021

Great shots!
One of my biggest mistakes was selling my childhood home (on an acreage) on a hill that afforded a sunrise over a lake and a glorious vantage point for sunsets.
Surely one of the best ways to be in the moment... and to realize how quickly the moment passes.

Oswego WhatDreamsMayCome ⋅ February 12, 2021

Yes, it must really hurt to think of that lost opportunity, but there are so many places and opportunities to witness these miraculous spectacles.

Kristi1971 February 13, 2021

STUNNING. Just stunning. I love a beautiful sunset. :) And that makes me miss the ocean so much. Aaagh. Beautiful, though.

Oswego Kristi1971 ⋅ February 14, 2021

Thank you so much! I never cease to be in awe!

Marg February 14, 2021

Wow these are gorgeous - especially that first one. You’re so lucky to be so near to such a wonderful viewing platform! :)

Oswego Marg ⋅ February 14, 2021

Thank you. I am indeed lucky.

MageB February 14, 2021


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